Student Spotlight

Niskayuna senior Zoe Lynds poses in the foreign language department. Tuesday, October 4, 2016.

Student Spotlight: Zoe Lynds

BY INDIANA NASH Gazette Reporter NISKAYUNA — If you can, read the following story aloud. For Niskayuna senior Zoe Lynds, most of her life has been broken up and tied together by language. Now, she’s bringing her passion for language…

Niskayuna Senior John Hess poses with the new equipment he built for the Niskayuna Dog Park. 
Thursday, Sept. 1, 2016.

Student Spotlight: John Hess

BY INDIANA NASH Gazette Reporter NISKAYUNA- Senior class president, John Hess, has presidential hopes that reach beyond this last year at Niskayuna High School. “My goal in life is to become the president of the United States,” Hess admitted. For…

Photo provided by Karli Cadel. 
Niskayuna junior, Catie LaCours in a performance of "Wild Tales" at The Glimmerglass Festival. (2016)

Student Spotlight on Catie LeCours

BY INDIANA NASH Gazette Reporter NISKAYUNA- Although only a junior at Niskayuna High School, Catie LeCours has put many musical productions in the books. Her work at the Glimmerglass Festival, however, is not something she will merely be putting on…

Lauren Wood, a Senior at Niskayuna High School and a camp counselor at Niskayuna's Parks and Recreation summer program. Wednesday, July 20, 2016.

Student Spotlight: Lauren Wood

BY INDIANA NASH Gazette Reporter NISKAYUNA- There are few other senior students who are as proud of their hometown as Lauren Wood. “When I first started working at Play It Again Sports, I told my friends that my first pay…

Niskayuna Junior, Derek Wolfe coaches swimmers at the Town Pool. Friday, July 8, 2016.

Student Spotlight: Derek Wolfe

BY INDIANA NASH Gazette Reporter NISKAYUNA- At the town pool on any given morning of the week, one will find Derek Wolfe surrounded by a small crowd of young swimmers, coaching them or directing them to play another round of…