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Students brace themselves to run for the playground equipment as soon as the ribbon is cut. Photo: Rebecca Isenhart

Ribbon cut on new Birchwood playground

BY REBECCA ISENHART Gazette Reporter On Friday, Sept. 18, families from the Birchwood school community gathered to celebrate the school’s brand-new, colorful playground, which had just been completed with special flooring earlier in the week. The playground is more than…

Cabinet maker Eric Cruden works on sanding a cabinet door at Adirondack Woodshed in Niskayuna on Friday, September 18, 2015. (Patrick Dodson/Gazette Photographer)

Adirondack Woodshed has carved out niche

BY REBECCA ISENHART Gazette Reporter NISKAYUNA — Through the front door of the unassuming Adirondack Woodshed on State Street is a sort of Narnia. It’s not exactly a closet, but the brick building hardly seems large enough to hold the…


Photos: Niskayuna emergency services remember 9/11

A short, but solemn gathering brought together emergency responders and the community they serve at Niskayuna Town Hall on Friday, Sept. 11. There were two moments of silence and a short, nondenominational prayer for peace. Then, several emergency service personnel…