Student Spotlight

Morgan Kelleher, Sophomore at Niskayuna High School. Friday, May 20, 2016.

Student Spotlight: Morgan Kelleher

By INDIANA NASH Gazette Reporter NISKAYUNA — Morgan Kelleher is a sophomore at Niskayuna High School and has always had a passion for two things in life: teaching and working with learning-disabled and special-needs students. This year, she was able…

Niskayuna senior, Sydney Lemelin poses with the Niskyauna high school yearbook mock-up. Friday, May 13, 2016.

Student Spotlight: Sydney Lemelin

By INDIANA NASH Gazette Reporter NISKAYUNA — High school senior Sydney Lemelin seems to be in a near-constant state of motion. On the Friday morning of this interview, Lemelin is carrying a backpack which looks to be stuffed with books…

Julia Favata poses outside of Niskayuna high school.

Student Spotlight on Julia Favata

By INDIANA NASH Gazette Reporter NISKAYUNA- Standing on the precipice of graduation can be a nerve wracking experience for some high school seniors. For Julia Favata, it’s more surreal than terrifying. “I’m looking forward to meeting new people and the…

Tim Cook on the grounds of Brichwood Elementary. April 29, 2016.

Student Spotlight: Tim Cook

By INDIANA NASH Gazette Reporter NISKAYUNA — Niskayuna High senior Tim Cook is looking to give back to the school district before graduation by building an outdoor classroom for students at Birchwood Elementary. The idea first came about in November…

Evan Belkin sits in the control center of the WIRO station at Iroquois middle school.

Student Spotlight: Evan Belkin

By Indiana Nash Gazette Reporter NISKAYUNA- Evan Belkin, an eighth grader at Iroquois middle school, is usually referred to as “mini-meteorologist” by fellow students and teachers alike. “His reputation precedes him,” said Victoria Wyld, principal of Iroquois, “When he first…