Real Estate

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May/June 2017 Real Estate transactions

Schenectady County Glenville Roy Compton II and Tiffany Compton bought 2 Holly St. from Joseph Rozniewski Jr. and Kathleen Rozniewski for $215,000 on 05/22/17. Jodi Forgette bought 319 Glen Ave. from Scott Senecal for $142,500 on 05/23/17. Connor Chrysler bought 605 Mohawk…

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Local Real Estate Transactions

Duanesburg Kevin Morrison and Abby Giardenelli bought 352 Barton Hill Road from Ellen Cooper for $180,000 on 09/27/16. Glenville Dominick Pugh bought 126 Sanders Ave. from Alan Zimmerman, Executor for $67,000 on 09/26/16. David Haug and Kathleen Haug bought 110…

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Real Estate Transactions

Duanesburg Gary Relation and Erin McLaughlin bought 464 Schoharie Turnpike from Benson Persing, Roberta Persing, Kimberly Bryant, and Aaron Persing for $255,000 on 08/18/16. Glenville Sara Pick bought 133 Horstman Drive from James Bradley and Tatiana Bradley for $215,000 on…