MY TAKE: What’s your favorite Memorial Day tradition?

By REBECCA ISENHART Each week, we go out into the Niskayuna community and ask a few lucky residents one question. This week, we wanted to know what Memorial Day traditions were favorites. Michelle Wildegrube’s favorite Memorial Day tradition is her…

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Are you having a garage sale?

Niskayuna Residents: Are you having a garage or estate sale? Let us know! We’ll add it to our calendar. Email to have your sale publicized!

Class of 1964

Where did all those years go?

Reuniting Niskayuna Class of 1964 came of age in turbulent times   By MARK MCGUIRE Gazette Reporter NISKAYUNA –These are the original Baby Boomers, the ones born in ’46 and the shadow of World War II, who graduated high school…

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Music students line up for summer scholarships

By REBECCA ISENHART NISKAYUNA HIGH SCHOOL — Summer recess is quickly approaching, but Niskayuna High School freshman Lauren Gabriel doesn’t want to stop studying in at least one subject: Music. “I love lessons. I look forward to them every single…


A new way of keeping cool heading to town this summer

By REBECCA ISENHART NISKAYUNA — This summer, the Town of Niskayuna will replace its kiddie pool with a water sprinkler playground. Town officials hope the project will improve safety at the town recreation center while providing an exciting new summer…

Ferri Brothers

MY TAKE: What was your favorite part of Niska-Day?

We asked: What was your favorite part of Niska-Day? Attendees at the tropical-themed, 33rd annual celebration had a hard time picking just one thing! Jonathan, left, and Michael Ferri took a quick break from enjoying the petting zoo to tell…