MY TAKE: What’s your favorite Memorial Day tradition?

By REBECCA ISENHART Each week, we go out into the Niskayuna community and ask a few lucky residents one question. This week, we wanted to know what Memorial Day traditions were favorites. Michelle Wildegrube’s favorite Memorial Day tradition is her…


New avenue opens for family winery

By REBECCA ISENHART NISKAYUNA — Justin Cappocia, the middle of three Cappocia brothers, does so many different jobs that he’s not sure what his title is. He has designed labels for the wine bottles, works on the family web site,…

Ferri Brothers

MY TAKE: What was your favorite part of Niska-Day?

We asked: What was your favorite part of Niska-Day? Attendees at the tropical-themed, 33rd annual celebration had a hard time picking just one thing! Jonathan, left, and Michael Ferri took a quick break from enjoying the petting zoo to tell…

Girl Scout Troop 2210 members Sarah Jane Gascoyne, 10, left, Isabella Polk, 11, and Faith Potter, 11, clean up trash and debris on the soccer fields near Craig School in Niskayuna after Niska Day Sunday, May 18, 2014.

PHOTOS: Niska-Day cleanup

The Niskayuna community gathered Sunday to take down tents, pick up trash and clean up Craig School after Niska-Day. Photos by Peter R. Barber.

A young parade spectator donates food to Emily Barrett. Photo by Rebecca Isenhart

A Niska-Day Tradition: Collecting Food

By REBECCA ISENHART NISKAYUNA — Nathan Curto is heir to a very important piece of Niskayuna heritage: the annual Niska-Day food drive. He doesn’t know it yet, though, because he’s only 18 months old. “This is his third Niska-Day,” said…