Caroline McGraw talks with Linda Luther and Linda Morganson about McGraw's art work Saturday, May 27th, 2017 during the arts festival in Lions Park on Rosendale Road in Niskayuna, NY. Photo By Eric Jenks

Inaugural Art Festival a success

By Kristin Schultz Gazette Reporter Only the weather outshined the displays of paintings and photography at the inaugural Niskayuna Art Festival on May 27. The event featured 15 local painters and photographers who set up tents and showed off their…

 Adirondack Map Project curators left to right, Margie Amodeo, K A C assistant, Caroline Welsh, and Cal Welsh with 1556 map from the top of Mount Royal looking south at the Adirondack Mountains, at the Kelly Adirondack Center.

Exhibit shows story of Adirondacks in maps

By Zachary Matson Gazette Reporter NISKAYUNA — The earliest maps of the Adirondacks weren’t of the Adirondacks at all. Explorers and settlers and military strategists circled in on what is today’s great state park, but for hundreds of years the…