Photo Kristin Schultz
Morning offerings are made before sunrise on the fourth day of Chhath.

Celebrating the sun

By Kristin Schultz Gazette Reporter With red pomegranates, yellow bananas, orange carrots still holding onto their green leafy tops and thekua molasses cookies piled on a tray, and ghee candles lighted, dozens of people gathered at a home in Niskayuna…

A Niska-Game player gets stuck at the Niskayuna Transfer Station, the real-life equivalent of getting into jail in the board game. She has to climb into a trash can to wait for freedom. Photo: Rebecca Isenhart

Niska-Game has Monopoly on fun

By Kristin Schultz Gazette Reporter David Holland is a three-time Niska-Game champion and he’s back for more — but this time as a volunteer. Niska-Game is the fundraiser for the community action organization N-CAP. N-CAP puts on Niska-Day and hosts…