Police make up bulk of Niskayuna’s top earners

Photo courtesy Niskayuna PolicePhoto courtesy Niskayuna Police

NISKAYUNA — Police chief Dan McManus was one of three Niskayuna employees who tied for the town’s top-paid employees in 2017.

Along with water and sewer superintendent Rich Pollock and comptroller Paul Sebesta, McManus was paid a salary of $126,324.

Seven of the top 10 earners are employed by the police department. Sergeant Frances Wall, the only woman on the list, earned $118,324, including $22,899 in overtime pay. Patrolman Jeffrey Relation brought home $113,834; patrolman James Walsh earned $113,065; and detective sergeant Joseph Twitty’s earnings came to $109,250.

Combined, there were four employees who earned overtime. Combined, that overtime pay came to more than $72,000.

The top 10 salaries in 2017 were:

  • Dan McManus, police chief: $126,324
  • Rich Pollock, water and sewer superintendent: $126,324
  • Paul Sebesta, comptroller: $126,324
  • Mike Stevens, deputy police chief: $119,466
  • Frances Wall, police sergeant: $118,324
  • Matt Yetto, deputy superintendent of water and sewer: $114,425
  • Jeffrey Relation, patrolman: $113,834
  • James Walsh, patrolman: $113,065
  • Ray Smith, highway superintendent: $112,835
  • Joseph Twitty, detective sergeant: $109,250