Town Board sets 2018 salaries, fills committees

Niskayuna Town HallNiskayuna Town Hall


By Kristin Schultz

Gazette Reporter

At the last scheduled Niskayuna Town Board meeting of 2017, the board passed 26 resolutions, including the 2018 salary schedule and appointments to various boards and committees.

The town will issue just over $2 million in paychecks to salaried workers next year, with eight employees taking home more than $100,000.

Police Chief Dan McManus, water and sewer superintendent Rich Pollock and comptroller Paul Sebesta will each receive a bump of $2,526, or 2 percent, over their 2017 earnings for a total of $128,850 in 2018.

Deputy police chief Michael Stevens is the next highest-paid salary worker at $121,855, an increase of $2,389, also 2 percent.

Following the deputy chief is highway superintendent Ray Smith at $115,867. Smith’s pay is up just over 5 percent, or $5,455 for the year.

Eight town employees who are paid hourly are also on the schedule with each earning $35.37 per hour, also a 2 percent increase over 2017’s $34.68 per hour.

Each town board member will be paid $10,450 for their service. This salary has not changed since at least 2008. Also unchanged is the supervisor’s pay, which will mean a $53,800 salary for incoming supervisor Yasmine Syed.

In total, the town will spend around $7,000 less on salaries in 2018 than it did in 2017.

The salary schedule was passed by a vote of 4-1, with Denise Murphy McGraw voting no.

Boards and Committees

A number of residents were appointed or reappointed to boards and committees during the Dec. 19 meeting as well.

Fred Goodman will serve as chairman of the Zoning Board of Appeals in 2018. Joining him on that board will be Richard Green, Sarah Bilofsky, Peter Trimarchi, Carol Valenza and Maureen McGuiness.

Eight residents will serve on the Conservation Advisory Council, which provides opinions and guidance to the Planning Board when new developments are proposed. William Lee will chair the council and Leslie Gold, T. Darton Strayer, Nancy Carmello, Jeanie Orr, Amanda Matuszyk, Kevin Duffy and Jill Connell will serve as members.

Formerly known as the Safe Routes Committee, the Complete Streets Committee will also be served by eight locals. Bill Chapman will chair the group and Janette Schue, David Hogenkamp, Dart Strayer, Jared Wells, David D’Arpino, James Levy and John Paul will sit on the committee.

Kevin Walsh has served on the town’s Planning Board and Zoning Commission for two decades and will continue to serve. He was appointed to the chair position again for the year 2018. Serving alongside him and with other members of the board will be Chris LaFlamme, Daci Shenfield and David D’Arpino.

The town’s Tree Council members were also approved and include Timothy Welch, Melissa MacKinnon, Paul Sevesta, Amanda Matuszyk, Stephen Signell, Brendon Weingarten and Chris Zimmerman.

Finally, five residents were named to the town’s Board of Ethics: David Olsen, Vincent Valenza, Jill LaFlamme, Tracy Cazer and Matthew Cutler.