Schenectady County Real Estate November 2017


Schenectady County


Jill Hudson bought 743 Barton Hill Road from Paul Lomax and Nancy Lomax for $195,000 on 11/21/17.


Linda Webber bought 304 South TenBroeck St. from Barbara Wood and Gail Wood for $142,000 on 11/13/17.

Jack Felthousen bought 1487 Washout Road from Blanche Retta for $216,500 on 11/14/17.

Kyle Held and Chelsea Rupert bought 40 Heritage Parkway from Jacqueline Zielinski for $227,000 on 11/14/17.

Joseph Delorenzo II and Kelly Benoit bought 8 McMichael Drive from Scott Klatt, Trustee for $250,000 on 11/14/17.

Francis Galerie and Brittany Austin bought 21 Stephen Road from Open Door Property Resolutions LLC for $229,000 on 11/15/17.

Andres Jimenez and Angel Merriman bought 20 Gleason Road from Kevin Rockwood and Kelly Rockwood for $170,000 on 11/15/17.

Matthew Goodwin bought 9 VanBuren Lane from Elsie Hugo for $115,000 on 11/16/17.

Casey Sumner bought Parcel on West Glenville Road from Raymond Koch and Carol Koch for $65,000 on 11/17/17.

Shagufa Ishmael, Syfuddeen Ishmale, and Khalil Ishmael bought Parcel on Elliot St. from Manford Hempstead Jr. for $52,000 on 11/20/17.

Franconia Real Estate Services Inc. bought 200 Broad St. from Carlos DeLaRocha and Colleen DeLaRocha for $143,000 on 11/20/17.

James Manheim and Diana Manheim bought 2 Bartlett Place from US Bank NA, Trustee for $122,000 on 11/20/17.

Gregory Eckl and Michelle Fraser bought 3 Harlau Drive from David Komoroske, Deborah Spezza, and Dorothy Komoroske for $167,500 on 11/21/17.

Jason Kennedy and Johnna Kennedy bought 1082 Sacandaga Road from Wells Fargo Bank NA  for $90,500 on 11/21/17.

Corey Boeninger bought 169 Maple Ave. from Hilary Healy for $206,000 on 11/21/17.

Brian Ogle and Jenna Ogle bought 17 Hawk St. from Dennis Malloy, Maureen Malloy, Thomas Malloy, and Dolores Malloy for $126,000 on 11/22/17.

Jason Brown bought 541 Saratoga Road from Fred Ogle for $236,000 on 11/22/17.


Jyotindra Patel and Sunanda Patel bought 853 Middle St. from Prime Property Development LLC for $368,000 on 11/13/17.

Paul Joseph and Asha Muthakatill Baby bought 941 Douglas Court from Jamie Genovese for $260,000 on 11/13/17.

Afton Pallotolo bought 2044 Morrow Ave. from John Burgess for $166,000 on 11/15/17.

Jonathan Guzewski and Shayna Guzewski bought 1055 Merlin Drive from Matthieu Masquelet and Reah Masquelet for $296,000 on 11/15/17.

William Stockman Sr. and Mary Ann Stockman bought 159 Fieldstone Drive from David Lilac and John Reschovsky, Trustees for $292,000 on 11/16/17.

Chris Pace bought 2221 Lynnwood Drive from Sevil Nakisli and Zeku Nakisli for $302,500 on 11/16/17.

Casey McClenon and Stacey McClenon bought 245 Park Ridge Drive from Barbera Homes and Development Group Inc. for $448,000 on 11/16/17.

Ron Mercado bought Parcel on VanAntwerp Road from Lucille Guzzardi, Administrator for $500,000 on 11/17/17.

Jonathan George and Amelia George bought 1589 Clifton Park Road from Ruth Fraster for $201,000 on 11/20/17.

Xinle Jiang and Jinjin Wang bought 1064 Timothy Lane from Stephen Moeske and Brenda McCullen-Moeske for $240,000 on 11/20/17.

Richard Kardas bought 909 Heather Lane from Pazhayannur Subramanian and Annapurna Subramanian for $291,500 on 11/21/17.

Michael Rosado and Portia Zwicker bought 1572 Dean St. from Shane Barker and Courtney Barker for $215,000 on 11/22/17.

Joseph Venezio and Laura Venezio bought 726 Downing St. from Manuel Santos Jr. for $333,500 on 11/22/17.

Charles Amell and Judith Amell bought 61 Brendan Lane from Patricia Harrington, Administratrix; and June Crosby-Costello, Executrix for $270,000 on 11/22/17.


Ritvik Sharma and Jamie Sharma bought 1014 Spry Lane from Ryan Couture for $154,000 on 11/13/17.

Alec Schmitt and Valerie Schmitt bought 29 Crestwood Drive from Lois Baker for $170,000 on 11/13/17.

Felipe Cruz bought 2302 Hamburg St. from Christon DiPisa for $125,000 on 11/14/17.

Matthew Clink and Colleen Henry bought 1084 Alheim Drive from David Raimo for $88,500 on 11/14/17.

Andrea Pieniazek bought 139 Putnam Road from Craig Lansley for $174,000 on 11/15/17.

Mike Ezeatu, Uchenna Muozoba, and Agatha Muozoba bought 117 Gullott Drive from Evelyn Escher, Trustee for $162,000 on 11/16/17.

Nathan Strange and Jennifer Strange bought 2506 Barton Ave. from NYC REO LLC for $112,000 on 11/16/17.

Andrew Croft and Alexandra Croft bought 3772 Scotch Church Road from Donald Schultz and Shawn Schultz for $145,000 on 11/16/17.

Alicia Boughton bought 6 Valleyview Ave. from Richard Frederick and Carla France for $83,000 on 11/16/17.

Michael Ryan bought 1108 Eugene Drive from Noreen Hiltsley for $192,000 on 11/16/17.

Arti Singh bought 150 Mariaville Road from Louis Caruso and Jacqueline Caruso for $112,000 on 11/17/17.

Michael Gage II bought 1479 Fern Ave. from Elizabeth Lansing-Anderson for $134,000 on 11/17/17.

Joseph Center and Kimberly Center bought Parcel on Curry Road from Shondra Frazier, Administratrix for $60,000 on 11/17/17.

Kimberly Scattergood bought 1005 Outer Drive from Joanne Jurusik for $135,000 on 11/20/17.

Tonio Viscusi and Corina Zarrillo bought 125 Homestead Court from Pigliavento Builders for $229,500 on 11/20/17.

Max Campos bought 3 Priscilla Lane from Wendy Juracka Maher, Administratrix for $155,000 on 11/20/17.

Annette Hidler bought 1107 Laura St. from Thomas Buchanan for $234,000 on 11/21/17.

Christine McAulay bought 1361 Fordham Ave. from Thomas Gulbrandsen for $124,000 on 11/21/17.

Lynn Verrigni bought 1143 Trinity Ave. from Raymond Kearney and Breanna Kearney for $135,000 on 11/21/17.

Sarah Schoeffler bought 351 Curry Bush Road from Sandra Bielecki and Terry Caracciolo for $207,000 on 11/21/17.

Thomas Baum and Donna Baum bought 135 Homestead Court from Pigliavento Builders for $244,500 on 11/21/17.


Rajpaul Mangru bought 721 and 723 Raymond St. from Bisaillon Properties LLC for $80,000 on 11/13/17.

Robert Motto bought 1 Wagner Ave. from Vincent Amodeo, Trustee for $115,500 on 11/13/17.

Shagufa Ishmael, Syfuddeen Ishmale, and Khalil Ishmael bought 35 Snowden Ave. from Marie McGuire for $85,000 on 11/13/17.

John Knutson and Dawn Knutson bought 5 Colonial Drive from Tracy Mastroianni Kretzler for $274,000 on 11/14/17.

David LaVenture bought 1210 Union St. from Mitchell Singer for $63,000 on 11/14/17.

Rameshwar Singh and Indira Singh bought 922 Altamont Ave. from Richard Catroppa and Marie Ann Butler for $80,000 on 11/15/17.

David Jones and Ronald Geary bought 1317 Glenwood Blvd. from David Moore for $159,500 on 11/15/17.

Anthony Davis bought 1432 Glenwood Blvd. from Alessandro Renzi for $145,000 on 11/15/17.

Kevin Leonard and Paige Quimby bought 15 Marshall Ave. from Alpha Remington for $90,000 on 11/15/17.

Alexander Schwarz bought 1079 Teviot Road from Michael Snow for $172,000 on 11/16/17.

Faizal Uddit Permaul and Bibl Shaleema Permaul bought 1432 Santa Fe St. from Faneza Ramroop for $95,000 on 11/16/17.

Brandon Norris bought 1518 Woolsey St. from Ellen Spiewak for $93,500 on 11/16/17.

Kyle Davis bought 26 North St. from Susan VanHeukelom for $136,000 on 11/16/17.

Jack Jaskaran bought 1188 Glenwood Blvd. from Secretary of Housing and Urban Development for $61,500 on 11/17/17.

Daniel Lake bought 258 Clayton Road from David Gahr and Doreen Bottieri for $105,000 on 11/17/17.

Omar Caicedo Erazo, Ingrid Medina Rodriguez, and Rosa Rodriguez Poveda bought 821 Salina St. from Pedro Flores for $95,000 on 11/17/17.

Zach Prusky bought 226 South Ferry St., Unit 228,  from Mark Weekes for $74,500 on 11/17/17.

Aaron Betancourt and Ivan Betancourt bought 3368 Ralph St. from Leslie Finch and Kathleen Finch for $138,000 on 11/17/17.

Deenanauth Ramkirt and Zelena Mohabir bought 1579 Bradley St. from Mohamed Ali and Devica Ali for $93,000 on 11/20/17.

Anesha Harripersaud bought 411 North Brandywine Ave. from Nancy Evans for $64,000 on 11/20/17.

Rashad Rahim and Sherreza Rahim bought Parcel on Jerome Ave. from Nicole Bailey for $54,000 on 11/21/17.

Peter Mason bought 2165 Helderberg Ave. from Maria Marotta for $292,000 on 11/21/17.

Khemraj Singh bought 1637 Chrisler Ave. from Bryan Shivrattan and Royan Shivrattan for $122,000 on 11/21/17.

Caitlin Carney bought 1081 Keyes Ave. from Jonathan Guzewski and Shayna Yameen for $135,000 on 11/21/17.

Joseph Story and Dana Story bought 1428 Garner Ave. from Roger DellaRocco and Marie DellaRocco for $146,000 on 11/22/17.

Carolyn LaHart bought 2785 Mariaville Road from Federal National Mortgage Association for $180,000 on 11/22/17.

Ivelisse Vargas bought 59 Princetown St. from Mildred Noland for $95,000 on 11/22/17.

Jason Poulin bought 249 Park Ave. from Daniel Ray and Cathy Stoliker for $110,000 on 11/22/17.