2 development proposals sent to Planning Board, Edison Club seeks OK to establish ‘bundle community’

PETER R. BARBER/GAZETTE PHOTOGRAPHER The Edison Golf Club on Riverview Road in Rexford Friday, September 29, 2017.PETER R. BARBER/GAZETTE PHOTOGRAPHER The Edison Golf Club on Riverview Road in Rexford Friday, September 29, 2017.

By Kassie Parisi

Gazette Reporter

CLIFTON PARK — The Town Board is seeking the opinion of the Planning Board on two proposals — one for more than 200 housing units and another for 132 condos — proposed for two properties in town.

The first proposal deals with a project submitted by The Edison Club. The second was a proposal to build condos from Halfmoon developer Scott Earl on the northeast corner of Routes 146 and 146A.

At its Dec. 11 meeting, the Town Board unanimously voted to refer both proposals to the Planning Board for further recommendations. The projects are being submitted in the form of planned development districts, which means that developers must receive Town Board approval before moving forward on construction.

However, the Town Board usually sends such projects to the Planning Board for feedback before making a decision.

In order to stay financially afloat and boost membership numbers, the Edison Club, a local golf club, is seeking to build a “bundle community” on its property. In the golf industry, a “bundle community” is a cluster of homes built on club property with the stipulation that all of the homeowners maintain a membership. The club first proposed the idea in October.

Specifically, the club wants to build 206 housing units of various styles on about 79 acres of the club’s 286-acre property.

“This has engendered quite a bit of public interest,” Clifton Park Town Supervisor Phil Barrett said at the meeting.

The homes would be built on what are now fairways, so the club’s 27-hole golf course would be reduced to an 18-hole course.

Craig McLean, the general manager of the club, said that the buildings would be a mix of one-story single-family homes, duplexes and condos.

The homes, which could cost anywhere from $300,000 to $400,000, will be connected to the club via a private road. They would also have accommodations for parking and will come with a golf cart. If approved, the Edison Club project would be the first of its kind in the area.

The homeowners will also have full access to the entire Edison Club, though the purchase price of the home will not include the cost of club membership. Peak club membership was around 470 golf members, said McLean.

McLean said at the Dec. 11 meeting that the project has not been altered since it was proposed to the town in the fall.

The Route 146/146A project would consist of 47 buildings on just over 27 acres of land, with a possible 3,000-square-foot clubhouse for tenants on the property. It is unclear at this point what the clubhouse might entail.

About 69 percent of the land will be reserved as open space, and the development will make use of a homeowners association. Targeted residents for the condos are, according to the plans, young professionals or senior citizens looking to downsize.

This is not the first time that Earl has sought approval from the town on projects. Previously, the developer sought to build a shopping center at the location. Earl withdrew the proposal after receiving feedback during the process.

In any case, Barrett noted that historically the Town Board has rarely given the green light for planned development district projects.

“It’s quite rare,” he said. But, he added, when proposals such as the Edison Club development and the Route 146 apartments come up, the board looks for projects that will be beneficial for the town, and also unique.

According to town Planning Director John Scavo, both proposals are tentatively scheduled for the Planning Board meeting on Jan. 23. That board will have 60 days to make its recommendation to the Town Board.