Schenectady County Real Estate July 2017

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The Young Men’s Christian Association of the Capital District Inc. bought Parcel on Mott Road from VARM Development LLC for $300,000 on 07/24/17.
David Diaz and Michelle Diaz bought 72 Valleywood Drive from Maijane Luo and Chloe Tseng for $238,000 on 07/24/17.
Patricia Sullivan bought 326 Alexander Ave. from Grace Larned for $216,000 on 07/24/17.
George Veyera bought 37 Fredericks Road from Robert Port and Julianne Port for $219,000 on 07/25/17.
Danielle Tope bought 56 Cedar Lane from Diane Martin for $265,000 on 07/25/17.
Heather Clayton bought 56 Bruce Drive from Ernest Small and Sharon Small for $290,000 on 07/25/17.
Robert Port and Julianne Port bought 18 Willowbrook Road from Sarah Adkins for $170,000 on 07/25/17.
Dan Lemonds and Marieke Holmes bought 31 Bancker Ave. from Robert Massaroni, Executor for $239,500 on 07/26/17.
Lucas LaBarre and Jessica LaBarre bought 607 Pleasantview Ave. from Satnam Dass for $205,000 on 07/26/17.
Jared Cechnicki bought 106 Root Ave. from 106 Root Avenue LLC for $164,000 on 07/27/17.
Ryan Carpe and Kelsey Carpe bought 609 South Toll St. from Signature Home Buyers for $158,000 on 07/27/17.
Russell Royds and Margaret Royds bought 509 Maura Lane from Patricia Kaye, Trustee for $438,000 on 07/27/17.
John Polson Jr. and Theresa Polson bought 13 Mountainwood Drive from R. Brian Boles for $260,000 on 07/28/17.
Gabrielle Pecora bought 3 Berchman Drive from Jennifer Engel for $183,000 on 07/28/17.
James Robertson and Leigh Robertson bought 2 Countryside Court from Michael Rhodes and Mia Scirocco-Rhodes for $425,000 on 07/28/17.
Christopher Goodell and Lindsey Brill bought 1507 Regent St. from SIRVA Relocation Credit LLC for $269,000 on 07/25/17.
Joseph Zimmerman and Kristen Zimmerman bought 1004 Northwood Court from Sivananda Kanakasabapathy and Sudharsana Srinivasan for $465,000 on 07/25/17.
Jinbo Cao and Ying Sun bought 1146 Myron St. from Anne Brown for $111,000 on 07/26/17.
Daniel Maldonado and Alvia Maldonado bought 720 Saint Davids Lane from Jake Ballard and Kelly Ballard for $325,000 on 07/26/17.
John Christian and Laura Christian bought 1021 Valerie Drive from Donald Parker Jr. and Joanne Parker for $324,000 on 07/26/17.
Patrick McNamara bought 806 Middle St. from Christopher Lamb and Maria Fotiades for $339,000 on 07/26/17.
Timothy Ahrens and Vanessa Ahrens bought 2280 Preisman Drive from Susan Frank for $270,000 on 07/27/17.
Jason Ogonowski and Nicole Ogonowski bought 2392 Rosendale Road from Anthony Battista and Christy Battista for $285,000 on 07/28/17.
Robert Fontaine and Cynthia Fontaine bought 2468 Whitehall Court from Dominick Carlotti and Karen Best for $295,000 on 07/28/17.
Karen Milideo bought 11 Cornelius Ave. from Schuler Matteson for $196,500 on 07/28/17.
Paul Nicsevic Jr. and Christa Maney bought 787 Coplon Road from Tyler Cuomo and Shari Cuomo for $252,000 on 07/24/17.
Joseph Roglieri and Carrie Roglieri bought 2356 Putnam Road from Maryann Bowman for $500,000 on 07/24/17.
Charles Rusinovich bought 361 Masullo Parkway from Gary Restifo, Executor for $170,000 on 07/25/17.
Kevin Jones bought 214 Glengary Road from Stanley Drezek for $132,500 on 07/25/17.
Jennifer Elaan bought 246 Glengary Road from Frederick MacMartin for $169,500 on 07/25/17.
Leopold Stauber, Trustee bought 2861 Broadway from Five Brothers Ventures II LLC for $235,000 on 07/25/17.
Peter Walker and Emilee Hilliker bought 1784 Devendorf Road from Helene Rivhak Israel for $150,000 on 07/26/17.
George Bird and Susan Bird bought 376 Masullo Parkway from Patricia Kuon for $195,000 on 07/26/17.
Brian Gestring and Carol Gestring bought 2112 Pinelawn Ave. from REOCO Inc. for $222,000 on 07/26/17.
Camelia Sofrone bought 1840 Amsterdam Ave. from Gary Ferris and Karen Ferris for $160,500 on 07/26/17.
Brian Allen and Katherine Allen bought 1313 Princetown Road from Matthew Martin and Kimberly Martin for $204,000 on 07/26/17.
Margaret DiCarlo bought 745 Draper Ave. from Secretary of Housing and Urban Development for $66,000 on 07/27/17.
Kayla Drivas and Raymond Drivas bought 11 Market St. from C and K Homes LLC for $94,000 on 07/27/17.
Salvatore Davi and Joan Davi bought 2000 Curry Road, Unit 22,  from Mark Kazmierczak, Administrator for $169,000 on 07/27/17.
Samuel Slick Jr. bought 2304 Helderberg Ave. from George Kiraly for $141,000 on 07/27/17.
James Oleniczak and Joanne Oleniczak bought 1976 Curry Road, Unit H-164,  from Laurie Cappuccio for $125,000 on 07/28/17.
Suzanne Wixom bought 139 Sylvia Lane from Eric Reyell for $210,000 on 07/28/17.
Amy Gordon bought 2913 Granville Road from Carl Scavello, Maria Daviero, and Linda Lontrato for $110,000 on 07/28/17.
Thomas Gabriel bought 1238 Garner Ave. from Anne Spataro for $137,000 on 07/24/17.
Matthew Forget and Jennifer Richter bought 1128 VanCurler Ave. from Erik Straub for $140,000 on 07/24/17.
Michael Mascitelli and Angela Mascitelli bought 305 and 307 Olean St. from Bank of NY Mellon Trust Co. NA, Trustee for $55,000 on 07/24/17.
Omadai Singh bought 1126 State St. from Jennifer Parmanand for $107,000 on 07/24/17.
Ashley Peppin bought 1039 Glenwood Blvd. from John Hunt and Roma Hunt for $119,500 on 07/25/17.
Lamar Erwin bought Parcel on Wright Ave. from Ronald Prusko for $85,000 on 07/25/17.
Susan Brand and Stacey O’Donnell bought 45 Wylie St. from Maisha Bradley and Raeshanya Everett for $55,000 on 07/25/17.
Susan Brand and Stacey O’Donnell bought 1529 Devine St. from Debra Coppola for $51,000 on 07/25/17.
George Grobe and Ann O’Grady-Grobe bought 1166 Phoenix Ave. from Richard Bigham and Amanda Bigham for $170,000 on 07/25/17.
Michael Ramsammy bought 816 Holland Road from Sherlock Ramsammy for $89,000 on 07/25/17.
Jaswinder Chawla and Gurdip Chawla bought 306 Victory Ave. from Federal National Mortgage Association for $35,000 on 07/25/17.
Anderson Wilkes bought 10 Booth Ave. from State of NY Mortgage Agency for $50,000 on 07/25/17.
Jason Anderson and Renee Anderson bought 2021 Neil St. from Kelly Mack for $109,000 on 07/25/17.
David Cheng bought 924 Wright Ave. from Ryan Pauley for $112,000 on 07/25/17.
Matthew Sypniewski and Diane Sypniewski bought Parcel on Sumner Ave. from Edward McElroy Jr. for $50,000 on 07/26/17.
Jeremiah Lahnum and Lillian Shafer bought 30 Clayton St. from Awad Mustafa for $95,000 on 07/26/17.
Everardo Mendoza bought Parcel on Marriott Ave. from Joseph Torre and Jenny Torre for $168,000 on 07/27/17.
Krishnadat Prashad bought 311 Victory Ave. from Romel Murray for $55,000 on 07/27/17.
Kailin Scaringe bought 729 DeCamp St. from Brian Stratton for $172,000 on 07/27/17.
TCB Holdings Inc. bought 299 Germania Ave. from Pooran Mohabir for $60,000 on 07/27/17.
Arlene Bartley bought 1964 Helderberg Ave. from My Three Sons Home Builders LLC for $257,000 on 07/27/17.
William Jersey and Donna Jersey bought 1123 Cresse Ave. from Eric Gray and Stanley Fiminiski Jr. for $149,000 on 07/27/17.
Brendan Keller bought 136 Front St. from Martin Burke and Lara Stelmaszyk for $158,000 on 07/27/17.
Devannie Ramnauth and Saleema Ramnauth bought 18 Eagle St. from Jeff Arjune and Babita Harrinarain for $94,000 on 07/28/17.
Kyle Waite and Gabrielle D’Elisiis bought 12 Lawndale Ave. from Jamie Baker for $149,000 on 07/28/17.
Maria Bollacker bought 456 Kings Road from Russell Dickson for $125,000 on 07/28/17.
Devendra Nathoo bought 2434 Campbell Ave. from Charles Dembrosky, Administrator for $67,000 on 07/28/17.
Robert DellaPorta bought 11 John St. from D. David LaVenture for $75,000 on 07/28/17.