Real Estate

Schenectady County



Benjamin Yauchler and Stephanie Yauchler bought 1680 Knight Road from George Moyer Sr. and Lorraine Moyer for $63,000 on 06/28/17.



Daniel Lair and Sharon Lair bought 11 Haviland Drive from Gregory Michalski for $250,000 on 06/26/17.

Mark Maslanka and Judith Dagostino bought 15 Praise Lane from Tracey Freemantle for $342,500 on 06/26/17.

Rachel Smith bought 126 North Holmes St. from Mirabeau Properties LLC for $104,000 on 06/27/17.

Michael McCumber bought 352 Mohawk Ave. from William Graper for $125,000 on 06/27/17.

David Biernat bought 131 Lark St. from Mark Chaires and Theresa Chaires for $97,500 on 06/27/17.

Donald Boyer Jr. and Yvonne Boyer bought 9 Lolik Lane from Michael DeLaRocha and Kelly DeLaRocha for $375,000 on 06/27/17.

Salvatore Prizio and Nicole Prizio bought 130 Vley Road from Alison Gibson and Leigh Gibson for $160,000 on 06/27/17.

Melissa Balan bought 64 Spring Road from Mark Koby and Michael Koby, Trustees for $193,000 on 06/28/17.

Emily Mottolese bought 18074 Cambridge Manor Drive from Barbara Franklin for $101,000 on 06/28/17.

Karnjit Singh bought 23 Red Oak Drive from Carmen Prinzo Jr. and Judith Prinzo for $179,000 on 06/29/17.

Candy Insonia bought 4625 Amsterdam Road from Pasquale Montenaro for $257,000 on 06/29/17.

Paul Marlow  bought 3 Fawn Drive from Nancy Snyder for $171,000 on 06/29/17.

Lisa Zambito bought 419 Glen Ave. from Joseph Frascatore and Jill Frascatore for $145,000 on 06/29/17.

Daniel Caouette and Briana Little bought 10 Drott Drive from Raymond Caouette for $188,000 on 06/30/17.

Leigh Gibson and Alison Gibson bought 6 Tieman Road from Thomas Cortese and Linda Cortese for $285,000 on 06/30/17.

Matthew O’Connor bought 116 Pershing Drive from Sharon Shadaro for $50,000 on 06/30/17.



Nicole Armstrong and Megan LaBarge bought 1967 Village Road from Peter Daratsos and Nina Daratsos for $332,500 on 06/26/17.

Meghan Brown bought 2096 Grand Blvd. from Clare Beames IV, Executrix for $177,000 on 06/26/17.

Michael Greenwood and Elizabeth Greenwood bought 1333 Hawthorn Road from Juntao Wu and Chun Zhan for $315,000 on 06/27/17.

Michael Makar and Cailin Makar bought 1140 Fernwood Drive from Wendy McCullough for $262,500 on 06/27/17.

Katherine Kerr bought 2176 Stuyvesant St. from David Cunnings for $201,000 on 06/28/17.

Brian Lawlor and Eleanor DeCoursey bought 1058 Lamplighter Road from Byoung Youp Kim and Hye Park for $600,000 on 06/28/17.

Joseph Menditto bought 1057 VanAntwerp Road from Bank of NY Mellon for $61,000 on 06/28/17.

Jyandeep Tripathi and Nandna Garg bought 22 Edison Drive from Gennaro Itri and Donna Itri for $355,000 on 06/30/17.

Taiwei Chiu and Pei Ying Liu bought 1935 Hexam Road from M. Richard Mendelson and Lois Mendelson for $300,000 on 06/30/17.

Huaming Peng and Fang Zou bought 798 Avon Crest Blvd. from Haeja Hwang for $366,000 on 06/30/17.



William Seyboth and Debra Gates bought 283 Quackenbush Road from William Gilman and Wila Gilman for $185,000 on 06/30/17.



Daniel Snyder bought 610 Duanesburg Road from Michael Nelson and Diane Nelson for $138,000 on 06/26/17.

Matthew Mullen and Ericia Mullen bought 2938 River Road from Jason Jost and Robin Jost for $301,000 on 06/26/17.

James Butler and Rebecca Butler bought 1101 Butler St. from Henry Roberts Jr. for $142,500 on 06/26/17.

Bradford DeForge and Marcy DeForge bought 40 Memory Lane from Noel VanNess, Executrix for $195,000 on 06/26/17.

Christopher Cross and Carley Mulley bought 787 Curry Road from Patricia Knauf for $116,000 on 06/27/17.

Marianne Crary bought 90 Morning Glory Way from John Macejka Jr. and Deborah Burrows for $150,000 on 06/27/17.

Charmaine Sawyer bought 1947 Tower Ave. from Robert Dinola and Carlin Dinola for $123,000 on 06/27/17.

Tonya Collins bought 1048 Saint Jude Drive from Ernest Selke Jr., Executor for $122,000 on 06/28/17.

Daniel Miller and Michelle Miller bought 1016 Roberta Road from Melodie Marco for $179,000 on 06/28/17.

Cal Zaborowski and Jenna Zaborowski bought 609 Arbor Ave. from Randal Herbert, Robin Winkelman, and Rachel Herbert for $101,000 on 06/28/17.

Donald Gleason and Cassie Gleason bought 1018 Angelina Road from Sandra Bethman for $230,500 on 06/28/17.

Joseph Camacho Irizarry bought 1065 Roberta Road from James Oleniczak and Jo-Ann Oleniczak for $152,000 on 06/30/17.

Henry LaBrake bought 1307 Sunrise Blvd. from Donald Leffingwell for $72,000 on 06/30/17.

Matthew Goodrow and Christine Roberts bought 1102 Fayette Drive from Joann Razzano-Bink and Joseph Bink for $169,000 on 06/30/17.



Robert Beston and Jennifer Beston bought 2 Wollner Lane from Seetal Paul and Manjit Paul for $217,500 on 06/30/17.



Regina Baker bought 115 Irving St. from Nicole Baker, Executrix for $77,000 on 06/26/17.

Prame Suedass bought 536 Mumford St. from Purandai Ramhit for $70,000 on 06/26/17.

Sasi Cheruvu bought 1092 Regent St. from Federal National Mortgage Association for $76,000 on 06/27/17.

James Armstrong bought 1747 Avenue A from Bashar Akari for $67,000 on 06/27/17.

William Amiteye and Susannah Amiteye bought 611 Nott St. from Timothy Isgro for $103,500 on 06/27/17.

Kathleen Schickel bought Parcel on Cady Ave. from Paul Onorato, Christine Gorgen, and Jacquelyn Smith for $120,000 on 06/27/17.

Lisa Carll bought 2909 Albany St. from James Carll for $82,500 on 06/28/17.

Robert Krapanich and Hanna Hill bought 246 Bradford Road from John Kowalczyk and Nancy Kowalczyk for $140,000 on 06/28/17.

Verham Singh and Cindramah Singh bought 1341 Seventh Ave. from Kathleen Garbarini and Eileen Cunningham, Executrices for $45,000 on 06/28/17.

Tonya Bowden bought 1059 Raymond St. from Cassie Gleason for $135,000 on 06/28/17.

Carl Faloctico and Jaclyn Mancini bought 1196 Sumner Ave. from Steven Nelson and Kristen Nelson for $145,000 on 06/28/17.

Luc Dorais and Denise Dorais bought 1094 Roberta Road from DLJ Mortgage Capital Inc. for $99,000 on 06/28/17.

Stephanie Ciampolillo bought 422 Shannon St. from Sanita LLC for $93,000 on 06/28/17.

Carrie Clark bought 1912 Jerome Ave. from Robert Leffingwell, Trustee for $74,000 on 06/29/17.

Romel Lakeraj and Lisa Lakeraj bought 1750 Nora Ave. from Robert Hundemann and Judith Hundemann for $125,000 on 06/30/17.

Aaron Murray bought 22 Harvard St. from Paul Streicher and Rebecca Streicher for $69,000 on 06/30/17.

Zachary Clubine bought 1617 Richard St. from James Ward and Rachael Ward for $135,500 on 06/30/17.