May/June 2017 Real Estate transactions

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Schenectady County
Roy Compton II and Tiffany Compton bought 2 Holly St. from Joseph Rozniewski Jr. and Kathleen Rozniewski for $215,000 on 05/22/17.
Jodi Forgette bought 319 Glen Ave. from Scott Senecal for $142,500 on 05/23/17.
Connor Chrysler bought 605 Mohawk Ave. from Stephen Chrysler and Beverly Chrysler for $100,000 on 05/24/17.
Linda Trier bought 34 Woodcrest Drive from Sharon Booth, Executrix for $198,500 on 05/25/17.
Peter Schrader bought 391 Lovers Lane from Donna Nevulis and Kathleen Harkins for $378,000 on 05/26/17.
Donald Bender and Christina Bender bought 713 Pearse Road from Thomas Ciancetta and Consul Ciancetta for $207,000 on 05/22/17.
Craig Lansley and Nichole Lansley bought 2311 Berkley Ave. from Karen Ferris-Fearnside for $325,000 on 05/23/17.
Paolo Pagnotta bought 44 William St. from Vaccarella Farm and Auto Sales LLC for $139,000 on 05/24/17.
Anm Coudhury and Sonia Uddin bought 1017 WTRY Road from National Transfer Services LLC for $296,000 on 05/24/17.
Michael Vopelak bought 2824 River Road from Kasimer Kapusta for $140,000 on 05/25/17.
Alyssa Grosso bought 2000 Fairlawn Parkway from Tracy Sherman for $210,000 on 05/26/17.
Benjamin Mascolo and Katelyn Ritzko bought 479 Lake Road from Dennis Wilson and Patricia Suter for $291,000 on 05/22/17.
Lisa Jaimes bought 1021 Sixth St. from Susan Hewitt and Barbara Bieganski for $149,500 on 05/22/17.
Anand Cecil and Mary Cecil bought 106 Stacey Crest Drive from Patrick Moore and Judith Moore for $260,000 on 05/22/17.
Courtney Pugliese bought 2069 Chepstow Road from Karen Henderson for $133,000 on 05/22/17.
James Costello Jr. and Amanda Costello bought 1029 Paul Ave. from David Hughes and Maureen Hughes for $161,500 on 05/23/17.
Patti Fetter bought 1756 Devendorf Road from Marcia McDonald for $117,000 on 05/23/17.
Carl Orsino  bought 1 Silversmith Lane from Glen Harkness and Karen Manning for $273,000 on 05/23/17.
Emilio Fusco and Kitty Mattina bought 1034 Helen St. from Victor Fazio III, Christina Fazio, Richard Fazio, Angela Fazio, and Melody Fazio for $147,000 on 05/23/17.
William Yanson bought 68 Bayberry Road from Jody Selley, Trustee for $210,000 on 05/23/17.
Samantha Hoen bought 808 Draper Ave. from Courtney Marsello for $119,500 on 05/24/17.
Matthew Miller and Sydney Fluster bought 1328 Floral Ave. from Matthew O’Connor for $184,000 on 05/24/17.
Andrew Armstrong and Heidi Armstrong bought 253 Stoodley Place from Katherine Clark for $147,000 on 05/26/17.
Amy Major bought 1021 Eugene Drive from Ariene Eady for $141,500 on 05/26/17.
Mahendra Pooran bought 46 Snowden Ave. from Jason Vanriel and Danielle Cunningham-Vanriel for $112,000 on 05/22/17.
Karen Sacchetti bought 1300 Lexington Ave. from Peter Kaiser for $125,000 on 05/23/17.
Sean Scheely and Faith Yager bought 176 Giffords Church Road from Michael Alderice and Christina Alderice for $209,500 on 05/23/17.
Lan Phan bought 1632 Avenue A from US Bank Trust NA, Trustee for $51,000 on 05/24/17.
Heather Rutski bought 1076 Lakeview Ave. from Kristine Dingman for $108,500 on 05/24/17.
Patricia Pollard bought 937 Harrison Ave. from Wells Fargo Bank NA  for $62,000 on 05/24/17.
Matthew Stankus and Jenna Stankus bought 1578 Regal Ave. from Alfred Goldberger for $140,000 on 05/24/17.
Eric DeCrosta bought 1492 Dorwaldt Blvd. from Dawn Broe for $134,000 on 05/25/17.
Kelly Martin and Tina Drago bought 416 Donald Ave. from Kristopher Truax and Amanda Cicardi for $130,000 on 05/25/17.
Jeewan Lall Jaikeran and Renee Jaikeran bought 1633 Broadway from Thomas Cioffi for $95,000 on 05/25/17.
Nazeem Samad and Ashleita Goindasammy bought 42 Spruce St. from J. Robert Williams for $101,000 on 05/26/17.
Kevin Boyle bought 1008 Sunrise Blvd. from Daniel Barker for $123,000 on 05/26/17.
Andrew Gates and Elizabeth Gates bought 711 Sanders Ave. from Jack Arnold and Carol Arnold for $178,500 on 05/23/17.
Darrell Shafer and Ashley DeVoe-Schafer bought 34 Cuthbert St. from John Robich and Teri Robich for $127,000 on 05/24/17.
James Sullivan and Allison Fink bought 7338 Western Turnpike from Jeffrey Bivins, Executor for $184,000 on 06/09/17.
Erica Sampson bought 16 Red Oak Drive from Thomas Quaresimo and Nichole Quaresimo for $242,000 on 06/07/17.
Robert Gorneau and Alexis Mitchell bought 203 First St. from Norman Shull and Marylou Shull for $169,000 on 06/07/17.
Sarah Hughes bought 113 Pershing Drive from Brian Ashline for $125,000 on 06/07/17.
Mirelis Rivera bought 66 Pershing Drive from Dawn Bink for $122,000 on 06/07/17.
Douglas Hudson and Sheila Hudson bought 49 Washington Ave. from Arleen Lenkewich for $108,000 on 06/08/17.
Karen Chamberlain bought 711 Glen Ave. from Bruce McConnelee for $190,000 on 06/08/17.
Richard Perkins and Sarah Perkins bought 215 Sunnyside Road from Norman Schultheiss for $152,500 on 06/08/17.
Paul Torres bought 29 Cartwheel Drive from Wesley Miller and Christene Miller for $195,000 on 06/08/17.
Daniel Cramer and Andrea Pacheco bought 241 Vley Road from Eric Adams and Wayne Beale for $165,000 on 06/08/17.
Trinidad Francisco II and Anni Francisco bought 1355 Tracy Ave. from Irene Bittle for $154,000 on 06/05/17.
Brian Conley and Shawna Conley bought 1504 Barclay Place from Daniel Morton-Bentley for $187,500 on 06/05/17.
Robert Cole and Laura Cole bought 1470 Keyes Ave. from Matthew Petro, Trustee for $337,500 on 06/05/17.
Wesley Miller and Christine Miller bought 20 Napa Court from McDonald Family Builders LLC for $298,000 on 06/05/17.
Derek Stenclik and Jessica Stenclik bought Parcel on Avon Crest Blvd. from Nancy Johnson for $365,000 on 06/05/17.
San Shahadat Hossain and Mahbuba Akhter bought 984 Inman Road from Rocio Villa and Pedro Flores for $188,000 on 06/06/17.
James DeMidio bought 2248 Nelson Drive from Secretary of Housing and Urban and Development for $114,500 on 06/06/17.
Vinh Tram and Carrie Tram bought 1053 Timothy Lane from David Massaroni Jr. for $245,000 on 06/07/17.
Katherine Castillo bought 31 Carrie Court from Jane Stavely for $240,000 on 06/07/17.
Michael Valletta and Margaret Valletta bought Parcel on Angelina Drive from Serafini Builders Inc. for $396,000 on 06/07/17.
Randolph Forde bought 2317 Story Ave. from Jessica Rimany-Rowe and Kristen Rimany-Swaney, Executrices for $111,000 on 06/07/17.
Kevin Richards and Theresa Richards bought 2253 Niskayuna Drive from Nina Peterson, Executrix for $203,000 on 06/07/17.
Christine Baker bought 103 Lois Lane from Michael Tate Jr. and Nicola Tate for $282,000 on 06/07/17.
Zhen Xie and Jin Xia bought 1009 North Wood Court from Michael Valletta and Margaret Valletta for $505,000 on 06/09/17.
Craig Messina and Kathleen Autilio bought 1012 VanAntwerp Road from Jeffrey Jones, Trustee for $110,000 on 06/09/17.
Radi Erian bought 2523 Englewood Ave. from Frozan Ali and Ahmad Ali for $129,500 on 06/09/17.
Keisha Baker bought 347 Howell St. from Janis Herrington, Administratrix for $138,500 on 06/05/17.
Michael Lamarche bought 164 Paddock Circle from Pigliavento Builders for $225,500 on 06/05/17.
Ai Zhong Wang bought 11 Santa Lane from Kelly Hotaling for $140,000 on 06/06/17.
William Osta and Dana Osta bought 11 Echo Drive from Kenneth Monty II, Ronald Monty, Kathryn Branca, and Deborah Monty for $180,000 on 06/06/17.
Wilfredo Cordova II and Cassandra Cordova bought 45 Bayberry Road from Raymond Fetter and Patti Fetter for $182,000 on 06/06/17.
David Larson and Cyndee Mee bought 241 Chism Road from Mark Fritz for $106,000 on 06/06/17.
Ronald Clemovich and Rose Clemovich bought 2134 Oaklawn Ave. from Patricia Quivey, Executrix for $116,000 on 06/07/17.
Roger Stites and Shannon Barr bought 111 Ulrich Drive from Joseph Malatesta and Stacey Malatesta for $400,000 on 06/08/17.
Fernanda Reynolds and Victoria Rojas bought 115 Dartmouth St. from Malizia Development LLC for $157,500 on 06/05/17.
Elisa Santangelo bought 1614 Santa Fe St. from Christine Dunn for $87,000 on 06/05/17.
Arnold Bryant bought 1922 Foster Ave. from Better Neighborhoods Inc. for $92,000 on 06/05/17.
Cullen Burnell bought 1756 Eastern Parkway from William Ziskin and Jennifer Ziskin for $120,000 on 06/06/17.
Shasame Ibrahim bought 945 Cutler St. from Katharine Swanson for $57,000 on 06/06/17.
Howard Caesar, Paulette Caesar, and Alison Caesar bought 9 Grosvenor Square from Herbert Miller and Deborah Gaillard for $115,000 on 06/06/17.
Terrence Sooknanan bought Parcel on Congress St. from Jetendra Roopa for $125,000 on 06/07/17.
Joshua Spiegel and Kristin Spiegel bought 1786 Fred Road from Anita Ferraro for $80,000 on 06/07/17.
Santosh Mahabir and Raywatie Mahabir bought 1016 Stanley St. from Yi Ping Wu for $60,500 on 06/07/17.
Nelson Chavez bought 1836 Jerome Ave. from US Bank NA, Trustee for $97,000 on 06/08/17.
Matthew Ezzo bought Parcel on McClellan St. from John Ezzo, Administrator for $85,000 on 06/09/17.
Brian Scripter and Biana Scripter bought 10 Park Place from Rodger Brodeur and Judith Brodeur for $60,000 on 06/09/17.