Schenectady County real estate May 2017

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Schenectady County
Joseph LaBrie bought Parcel on Snake Hill Road from Queen’s Park Oval Asset Holding Trust for $75,000 on 05/15/17.
Qing Lin bought 15 Cartwheel Drive from Mary Crandall for $212,000 on 05/15/17.
Michell Baker and Rebecca Baker bought Parcel on Ferry Road from First National Bank of Scotia for $245,000 on 05/16/17.
Christopher LeBlanc and Ashley LeBlanc bought 8 Jordan Lane from Jason Lenkowitz and Pearl Ha for $309,000 on 05/17/17.
Zachary Paull bought 151 Maple Ave. from Brenda Smith for $138,000 on 05/17/17.
Maureen Flaherty bought Parcel on Hadel Road from Dale Smialek and Dana Consolino for $128,500 on 05/17/17.
Vincent Ballester and Karen Ballester bought 31 Country Fair Lane from Theodore Spiry and Irina Spiry for $229,000 on 05/17/17.
Casey Rosiak bought 223 Alexander Ave. from Joseph Oehler and Norene Oehler for $188,500 on 05/18/17.
Benjamin Owen and Melissa Owen bought 27 Cypress Drive from Stephen Filak and Marlene Filak for $248,000 on 05/18/17.
Sunil Modasra bought 49 Albermarle Road from Drew Brewer for $155,500 on 05/18/17.
Ronald Skantze and Susan Shelter bought 36 Washington Road from Janice Mix for $101,500 on 05/18/17.
Nestor Berge Jr. and Samantha Berge bought 1069 Niskayuna Road from RMJ2180 LLC for $343,000 on 05/17/17.
Cyril Tongson and Maria Tongson bought 2219 Crescent Road from Huy Nguyen and Tram Nguyen for $146,500 on 05/18/17.
Jason Biggar and Mary Biggar bought 2326 Knollsview Drive from William Tracy for $263,500 on 05/18/17.
Daniel Flanders Jr. and Roseann Flanders bought 668 Maple Lane from Samuel Wagar and Elizabeth Wagar for $325,500 on 05/18/17.
Wahoo Inc. bought 104 Hillside Village Drive from Gail White for $110,500 on 05/18/17.
Scott Fick and Clarissa Fick bought 1607 Balltown Road from SEFCU  for $129,000 on 05/19/17.
Darrin Duncan bought 1844 Union St. from Joseph Pliss and Paula Pliss for $295,000 on 05/19/17.
Carolyn Kroll bought Parcel on Fourth Ave. from Andrew Rafferty for $135,000 on 05/15/17.
Rui Ning Chen bought 1116 Floral Ave. from RB Woodstream Properties LLC for $170,000 on 05/15/17.
Christopher Berhaupt bought 1679 Helderberg Ave. from Thomas Govel and Donald Govel, Executors for $105,000 on 05/15/17.
Evan DelZotto and Lauren DelZotto bought 1002 Dudley Road from Gary Sullivan and Brian Sullivan for $152,000 on 05/16/17.
Paul Marthy and Eileen Marthy bought 107 Diamond Place from Traditional Homebuilders and Developers Inc. for $328,500 on 05/16/17.
Ross Lackey  bought 231 South Westcott Road from Samuel Donadio for $309,000 on 05/17/17.
Fabio Urbano bought 45 Rotterdam St. from Federal National Mortgage Association for $87,500 on 05/17/17.
B and L Quality Homes Inc. bought 27 Miles Standish Road from Toni DiLorenzo and Sheila Simmons for $86,000 on 05/18/17.
Jody Gac bought 2000 Curry Road, Unit 38,  from Shane Wintle, Executor for $195,000 on 05/18/17.
Edward Dufek and Kristen Steidle bought 771 Duanesburg Road from Allen Powell and Lorraine Powell for $201,000 on 05/19/17.
Teshwandat Narain bought 4 White St. from Thomas Andriano for $105,000 on 05/15/17.
Robert Salamanca-Turcios bought 3335 McDonald Ave. from Joseph Revette and Joamy Herzog for $108,000 on 05/16/17.
Damon Royal and Jacqueline Rodriguez bought 972 Florence Ave. from Carlo Viscusi for $181,000 on 05/16/17.
Gregory Leonard Jr. and Wendy Leonard bought 939 Marion Ave. from Darryl Wisniewski for $77,000 on 05/17/17.
David McDermott bought Parcel on Elmer Ave. from Naomi Kettler, Executrix for $50,000 on 05/17/17.
Michael Domalewicz and Jessica Domalewicz bought 1200 Lilac St. from Jeffrey Quivey and Tiffany Quivey for $215,000 on 05/17/17.
Edwyn Stuart bought Parcel on Fourth Ave. from Gino Lio, Executrix for $150,000 on 05/17/17.
Gavindra Hoolas bought 2913 Halsey Drive from Ryan Wheeler and Jenelle Wheeler for $121,500 on 05/17/17.
Daniel Gangaram and Veronica Gangaram bought 1779 Athol Road from Michael Fusco for $150,000 on 05/17/17.
Rashdie Chowdbury and Rifat Mahjabeen bought 1917 Dover Road from Robert Lupe and Joleen Lupe for $253,000 on 05/18/17.
Mae Gilbert bought 1720 Guilderland Ave. from Douglas Weinheimer and Taylor Weinheimer for $193,000 on 05/19/17.
Arthur Schaffer and Sherry Schaffer bought 1613 Campbell Ave. from US Bank Trust NA, Trustee for $65,500 on 05/19/17.
Jay Datnarain and Valiene Datnarain bought Parcel on Michigan Ave. from Allison Hotaling for $69,000 on 05/19/17.
James Jackson bought 1137 Sumner Ave. from US Department of Housing and Urban Development for $75,000 on 05/19/17.