Schenectady Real Estate

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Schenectady County
Nalanie Mooklall bought Parcel on Schoharie Turnpike from John James and Cheryl James for $50,000 on 12/07/16.
Kurt James and Susan Connally bought 8840 NYS Route 30 from Howard Soucy and Joanne Soucy for $196,000 on 12/09/16.
Justin Brundige and Victoria Sitterly bought 19 Albion St. from Lori Azoia for $94,000 on 12/05/16.
Anthony Nuzzi bought 814 Sacandaga Road from Wells Fargo Bank NA  for $89,500 on 12/05/16.
Laura Gallary bought Parcel on West Glenville Road from Raymond Koch and Carol Koch for $50,000 on 12/05/16.
Ryan Patrie and Emily Lewek bought 23 Joyous Lane from Steve Paolucci for $320,000 on 12/06/16.
Willard Wiseman and Jill Wiseman bought 3827 West Glenville Road from Nicholas Coupas and Barbara Coupas for $420,000 on 12/06/16.
Abby Cook bought 41 Pershing Drive from Andrew Giaquinto, Administrator for $80,000 on 12/06/16.
Dylan Devery and Taylor Lorette bought 150 Dutch Meadows Lane from Yukiko Koehler for $166,000 on 12/07/16.
Laura Fyvie bought 18 Vista Drive from Kristine Rafferty for $190,000 on 12/07/16.
Kimberley Unser bought 13 Center St. from Kirk Moeller and Karen Moeller for $128,500 on 12/07/16.
Ryan Tatlock and Kara Tatlock bought 127 Woodhaven Drive from James Brzezinski and Monica Brzezinski for $230,000 on 12/08/16.
Dawn MacFarlane bought 402 Pleasantview Ave. from David Moehle and Carol Moehle-Carpenter for $149,000 on 12/09/16.
Paula Marrone bought 60 Charlton Road from Deborah Almy for $132,000 on 12/09/16.
David Ricci bought 5 Ellen Lane from Adrienne Kutil for $160,000 on 12/09/16.
John Eddy bought 371 Vley Road from GPR Homes LLC for $170,000 on 12/09/16.
Sheril Varghese bought 106 Hillside Village Drive from Michelle Bezdecny for $118,000 on 12/05/16.
Deirdre Spielman bought 214 Lois Lane from Christopher Stevens for $288,000 on 12/05/16.
Cameron Rice and Elizabeth Rice bought 1006 Highland Park Road from Jene Luciani for $239,000 on 12/05/16.
Mathew Varghese bought 2425 Newport Ave. from William Daring Jr. and Allison Schaar for $140,000 on 12/06/16.
Caralyn Stevens-Darling bought 2043 Coolidge Place from Steven Gustafson and Kristin Gustafson for $225,000 on 12/07/16.
Evan Brown and Tori Brown bought 2201 Dean St. from Weichert Workforce Mobility Inc. for $162,000 on 12/09/16.
Pinghai Yang and Xiaojing Hu bought 60 Empire Drive from Robert Pratt and Michelle Cunningham for $486,000 on 12/09/16.
Megan McCauley bought 2017 William St. from Adam Blot for $179,000 on 12/09/16.
Curtis Bradshaw bought 611 Weast Road from Thomas Long and Laurel Bishop for $145,000 on 12/05/16.
Taylor Hill and Rachaud Hill bought 617 Arbor Ave. from Moffarelli Land Development LLC for $186,500 on 12/05/16.
Matthew Morrison bought 1038 Dudley Road from Antonio Favata and Leane Favata for $165,000 on 12/05/16.
Ronald Caster and Ashleigh Caster bought 1010 Saint Lucille Drive from John Kochem II and Kelly Kochem for $265,000 on 12/06/16.
Thomas Zink and Rachel Zink bought 2699 Granville Ave. from Maria Barrett for $182,500 on 12/06/16.
Robert Gilbert bought 3730 Scotch Church Road from Federal National Mortgage Association for $78,000 on 12/06/16.
Adam Martin and Karen Martin bought 164 Giffords Church Road from Daniel Minersagen for $170,000 on 12/06/16.
Kathryn Bernacet bought 38 Rotterdam St. from Dennis Amrock for $169,000 on 12/07/16.
James Turley Jr.  bought 1923 Woodlawn St. from Barbara Miakisz for $73,500 on 12/07/16.
Chester Kobos and Emily Kobos bought 119 Paddock Circle from Pigliavento Builders  for $219,000 on 12/07/16.
Linda Burdick bought 351 Howell St. from Darcee Parkis and Sharon Henges, Executors for $112,500 on 12/07/16.
Douglas Cornwell and Harriet Cornwell bought 154 Paddock Circle from Pigliavento Builders  for $216,500 on 12/08/16.
John Cox bought 66 Putnam Road from Elizabeth Morrison for $159,000 on 12/09/16.
Lucian Pitu and Nada Garber bought 151 Clement Ave. from Deborah Jimenez for $121,500 on 12/06/16.
Silas Finn bought 416 Chiswell Road from Danny Howe for $110,000 on 12/06/16.
Craig Adams bought 344 Manchester Road from Fedor Karakalchu for $133,000 on 12/06/16.
Bradley Cave bought 414 11th St. from Joseph DiGiorgio, Trustee for $92,500 on 12/07/16.
Stephen Rhoades and Lori Isabella-Rhoades bought 104 Fasula Blvd. from Kimberlee Peart for $230,000 on 12/07/16.
Denise Franco bought 3013 Albany St. from Modern Home Solutions Inc. for $118,000 on 12/07/16.
Jacob Durrer bought 1475 Dorwaldt Blvd. from Lois Wakefield for $114,500 on 12/07/16.
Stephen Oby Jr. and Christine Vassallo-Oby bought 1058 Parkwood Blvd. from Oscar Olarte for $123,000 on 12/07/16.
Xiuyan Wang and Chun Liu bought 1027 Regent St. from Bayview Loan Servicing LLC for $45,000 on 12/07/16.
Jennifer Mootoo bought 546 Notre Dame St. from Carmen Ferri, Trustee for $106,000 on 12/07/16.
Krishnadatt Singh and Sarita Singh bought 306 Linden St. from Tohtaram Mangra for $85,000 on 12/08/16.
Pooran Ramkaran bought 142 and 144 Furman St. from Bernard Geelall and Girjawatie Geelall for $74,500 on 12/08/16.
Randolph Marks bought 2217 VanVranken Ave. from Ramlall Beeinsigne for $58,000 on 12/09/16.
Richard Persaud bought 1829 Avenue A from John Pastiglione, Bart Pastiglione, and Susan Bisaillon for $86,000 on 12/09/16.