Schenectady County Real Estate November 2016

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Ilias Lampropoulos and Skeva Shurdhi bought 1963 Braman Corners Road from Brenda Fisher for $145,000 on 11/09/16.



Thuy Thach and Wendy Nguyen bought 16 Kile Drive from James Marley for $170,000 on 11/04/16.

Linda Lawrence bought 653 Sacandaga Road from James Phillips and Fayetta Phillips for $167,500 on 11/04/16.

Brian Meyers and Sarah Meyers bought 800 Sanders Ave. from J. Timothy Collier and Mary Collier, Trustees for $182,500 on 11/07/16.

Craig Murray and Erin Murray bought 13 Ellen Lane from Secretary of Housing and Urban Development for $110,000 on 11/07/16.

Wanda Quinones bought 339 Closson Road from Michael O’Neil and Joyce Wilday for $120,000 on 11/07/16.

Michele Whinnery bought 200 First St. from Demetria Enright, Trustee, David Gallop, and Theodora Gallop for $185,000 on 11/07/16.

Eileen Freer bought 11 Hadel Road from Harriet Howard, Trustee for $225,000 on 11/07/16.

Geninne Magiera bought 82 Fifth St. from Mary Jackson for $148,000 on 11/09/16.



Emil Yesse and Davida Wohl bought 971 Saint David’s Lane from Thomas Horton, Trustee for $130,000 on 11/04/16.

Kiel Wilcox and Belinda Wilcox bought 1917 Union St. from Wendy Easley, Executrix, and Tammy Willoughby, Guardian for $148,000 on 11/07/16.

Timothy McGlynn and Erika McGlynn bought 2490 Eastern Parkway from Michael Comanzo Contracting LLC for $178,500 on 11/07/16.

William Newton bought 1435 Rosehill Blvd. from Nimesh Desai and Rina Desai for $355,000 on 11/07/16.

Wahoo Inc. bought 207 Hillside Village Drive from Jean Rose, Trustee for $102,000 on 11/09/16.

Christopher Henry bought 1143 Regent St. from Jessica Rimany-Rowe and Kristen Rimany-Swaney for $110,500 on 11/09/16.

Troy Coville and Jodie Barber bought 2217 Grand Blvd. from Shawn Brennan for $182,500 on 11/10/16.



Jeremy Shultis and Michele Shultis bought 387 Darrow Road from Dennis Veteramo and Paula Veteramo for $374,000 on 11/07/16.

Peter Muscanelli and Theresa Mucanelli bought Parcel on Giffords Church Road from Julianne Hasbrouck, Executrix for $55,000 on 11/10/16.



Gerard Parisi and Angelo Santabarbara bought 1817 Curry Road from David Madelone, Trustee for $120,000 on 11/04/16.

Clay DeCesare bought 1017 Manas Drive from John Karbowski Jr. and Janet Schiavone, Trustees for $154,000 on 11/07/16.

Robert Thayer and Michelle Thayer bought 139 Gordon Road from Kathleen Baltazar for $181,000 on 11/07/16.

Audrey Franke bought 1468 Fordham Ave. from Liam Tracy for $172,500 on 11/07/16.

Giuseppe Viscusi and Laurie Viscusi bought 809 Draper Ave. from Secretary of the US Department of Housing and Urban Development for $66,000 on 11/07/16.

Daniel Kennedy and Diane Kennedy bought 1129 Paul Ave. from Ralph Friello and Linda Beeble for $124,500 on 11/09/16.

Joseph DiCarlo bought 1796 Currybush Road from Timothy Tietz and Jill Tietz for $220,000 on 11/09/16.

Surindra Jeetoo bought 3028 Broadway from Kelly Simpson for $129,500 on 11/10/16.

Ernest Rau bought 3053 Cox Ave. from The Bank of NY Mellon, Trustee for $64,000 on 11/10/16.



Kevin Smith and Lisa Luvera bought 2521 Whamer Lane from Floyd Brownewell and Janet Brownewell for $317,000 on 11/04/16.

Ming Chuang and Shu-Chen Lin bought 709 Crane St. from 709 Crane Street LLC for $125,000 on 11/04/16.

Pavel Karakalchu bought 3353 McDonald Ave. from Wells Fargo Bank NA  for $70,000 on 11/04/16.

Ismail Foraida bought 213 Stanford Ave. from Secretary of Veterans Affairs for $51,000 on 11/04/16.

Michael Mason bought 163 Chiswell Road from Kathleen Snyder for $95,000 on 11/07/16.

Tanika Smith bought 150 Clement Ave. from Patricia Pytlovany for $137,000 on 11/10/16.

Alexander Gillespie and Mary Gillespie bought 911 Londonderry Court from Jacquelyn Hawkins for $160,000 on 11/10/16.

Joseph Catalano bought 934 Marion Ave. from Matthew Church and Stephanie Elbrecht for $130,000 on 11/10/16.

Tarawattie Lowtan and Lawattie Samaroo bought 1437 Hawthorne St. from Mark McGuire and Jennifer McGuire for $74,000 on 11/10/16.