Schenectady real estate transactions

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Schenectady County



Wyeth Coburn and Katharine Coburn bought 3256 NYS Route 30 from John Driessen and Kristine Driessen for $353,000 on 11/02/16.



John Piccirillo and Kristen Piccirillo bought 67 Fredericks Road from Rayon James and Faith James for $305,000 on 10/31/16.

Joshua Iacobucci and Tammy Iacobucci bought 4 Victoria Court from Park Ridge Estates LLC for $382,000 on 11/02/16.

Amy Phillips bought Parcel on Glen Ave. from William Barth for $85,000 on 11/02/16.

Mary Ruby bought 9 Snyder Road from Joseph Donzelli for $128,000 on 11/02/16.

Rose Angerosa bought 21 Roslyn Drive from Beverly Malachowski for $226,000 on 11/02/16.

Ashley Walke bought 3 Saint Anna Lane from Michael Drozinski and Diane Drozinski for $210,000 on 11/02/16.

Shannon Frame bought 18 Slater Drive from Danielle Heitzman for $106,000 on 11/02/16.

Jeffrey Dopp bought 25 Gleason Road from Secretary of Veterans Affairs for $133,500 on 11/02/16.

Nicholas Kearns and Tracey Kearns bought 207 Fourth St. from Michele Whinnery for $149,500 on 11/02/16.

Todd Horneck and Sandra Horneck bought 17 Onderdonk Road from Anthony Ruggiero Jr.  for $389,000 on 11/03/16.

Paula Stage bought 134 Riverside Ave. from Lawrence Peregrim for $124,000 on 11/03/16.

Joseph York bought 14 Marjon Drive from Jeremy Sinclair and Tracy Salmeri for $177,500 on 11/03/16.

John Gulick bought 101 Marson Ave. from Todd Horneck and Sandra Horneck for $163,000 on 11/03/16.



Shaneze Islam bought 1035 VanAntwerp Road from Secretary of the US Department of Housing and Urban Development for $69,000 on 10/31/16.

Kevin Ryan and Suzanne Ryan bought 207 Campo Court from Beacon Homes LLC for $425,000 on 10/31/16.

Carl Pucci and Marcia Pucci bought 2483 East Nott St. from Harold Rutherford and Michael Rutherford for $245,000 on 10/31/16.

Keith Callahan and Tanya Callahan bought 798 Westmoreland Drive from Dale Wade-Keszey and Joan Wade-Keszey for $207,500 on 10/31/16.

David Hogenkamp and Jamie Dughi-Hogenkamp bought 1392 Ruffner Road from Daniel Beck and Linda Eldeen for $436,000 on 10/31/16.

Abdul Azeem and Nazia Shireen bought 2292 Pinehaven Drive from Pola Metzger and Imek Metzger for $278,000 on 11/01/16.

Signature Home Buyers bought 1489 Dean St. from Jeanne Grosso, Pamela Corbett, and Ida Grosso for $125,000 on 11/01/16.

Kevin Lee and Jessica Lee bought 4320 Consaul Road from Patti Manuli, Trustee for $184,500 on 11/02/16.

Kashif Qureshi and Faiza Kashif bought 644 Maple Lane from Haider Syed and Alley-Zehra Syeda for $320,000 on 11/02/16.

John Maynard Jr. and Rachael Maynard bought 4049 Windsor Drive from Robert Califano and Stephen Califano for $292,000 on 11/03/16.

Leonard Kies and Candace Muller bought 2111 Nott St. from Kevin Smith and Lisa Luvera for $225,000 on 11/03/16.



Richard Valenti bought 1326 Weast Road from Candee Dotson for $82,500 on 11/03/16.



Ann Rento bought 150 Paddock Circle from Pigliavento Builders  for $220,500 on 10/31/16.

Jesse Horwedel and Caitlyn Pugliese bought 372 Masullo Parkway from Philip Pugliese, Angela Reynolds, and Stella Pugliese for $196,000 on 11/01/16.

Roberto Pacheco bought 1310 Trinity Ave. from Frank Baumgartner Jr. and Alice Baumgartner for $145,000 on 11/01/16.

Tracy VanAlstyne bought 1940 Tower Ave. from Frederick Weber for $108,000 on 11/03/16.

McAdam Huether bought 3230 and 3232 Phillip St. from Secretary of Housing and Urban Development for $131,000 on 11/03/16.

Jennifer Hartman bought 448 Melrose St. from Peter Russell for $125,000 on 11/03/16.



William Webster bought 1061 Lexington Ave. from CIDEAM LLC for $69,500 on 10/31/16.

Dave Scripter bought 5 Parker Road from US Bank NA, Trustee for $57,000 on 11/01/16.

Stephanie Rotondo bought 1385 Regal Ave. from David Vanderwerker for $124,500 on 11/02/16.

Sharlene Barnes bought 3 Clement Ave. from Beatriz Aviles for $115,000 on 11/02/16.

Teneesha Samuria  bought 301 Front St. from Carla Carlino for $98,000 on 11/02/16.

James Gregory and Linda Gregory bought 1314 Quackenbush Road from Diane Bishop for $370,000 on 11/02/16.

Scott Crocco bought 1154 Dianne Court from James DeLorenzo and Kristina DeLorenzo for $235,000 on 11/02/16.

Ryan Vienneau bought 1922 and 1924 Euclid Ave. from M and T Bank for $62,000 on 11/02/16.

Dina Marotta bought Parcel on Eleanor St. from Frank Popolizo for $63,000 on 11/03/16.

Taher Mosleh bought Parcel on Hulett St. from Christopher Stack for $75,000 on 11/03/16.

Elvin Singh bought Parcel on Brandywine Ave. from Peter Scofield and Andrew Scofield, Trustees for $135,000 on 11/03/16.

Mary Clark bought Parcel on Marie St. from Secretary of Housing and Urban Development for $51,000 on 11/03/16.

Puneet Kumar bought 149 Fieldstone Drive from Prajesh Ghimire and Nabodita Ghimire for $337,500 on 11/03/16.

Dharmini Das and Dharmatnia Singh bought 92 Elm St. from Ramdass Balram for $106,000 on 11/03/16.