Schenectady County real estate update

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Raul Bastiani III and Amanda Bastiani bought 374 Alexander Road from Erminia Leveillee for $127,000 on 10/26/16.



Lindsay Desbiens bought 2107 West Glenville Road from Mario Guerra and Leanna Guerra for $144,000 on 10/24/16.

Wayne Schulz and Roxanne Schulz bought 24 Gould Drive from MJP Development Group LLC for $232,000 on 10/24/16.

Mark Shaver and Margaret Shaver bought 15 Hollywood Drive from Christina Lorenz, Trustee for $223,000 on 10/25/16.

Robert Fulsang bought 7 Market St. from Robert Fulsang for $167,500 on 10/25/16.

Eileen Mangino bought 22 Jennifer Road from Kurt Riecke for $195,000 on 10/26/16.

Timothy Hallenbeck bought 6 Hill St. from Esther Miller for $135,000 on 10/26/16.

Amber Smith and Samuel Bland bought 48 Pershing Drive from Mario Valencia and Stephanie Boardway for $127,000 on 10/26/16.

Mark Madigan and Christine Madigan bought 33 Heritage Parkway from Ruth Piper, Trustee for $210,000 on 10/27/16.

John Bill II and Megan Bill bought 26 Olde Coach Road from Martin Finn Esq., Trustee for $214,500 on 10/28/16.

Nicholas Carbonelli bought 4 Saint Anthony Lane from John Hornfeck for $160,000 on 10/28/16.

Jay Price and Carole Holmes bought 12 Woodside Drive from Agnes Roode for $180,000 on 10/28/16.

Timothy Black and Shannon Black bought 11 Birch Knoll Drive from Jay Mycek for $169,000 on 10/28/16.



John McInnes bought 109 Killarney Drive from American International Relocation Services LLC for $264,500 on 10/24/16.

Barbara Handy bought 1512 Baker Ave. from Tiffany Smith for $232,500 on 10/24/16.

Michael Dufek bought 1564 Regent St. from William Mischler for $50,000 on 10/25/16.

Silvio Baruzzi bought 968 Westholm Road from Sonia Hachigian for $230,000 on 10/25/16.

George Haug and Mary Haug bought 1921 Dover Road from Thomas Casey for $240,000 on 10/25/16.

Blair Schermerhorn and Michael Peters bought 53 Williams St. from Susan Kubert for $136,000 on 10/25/16.

Neil Garrigan and Linda Garrigan bought 1031 Onondaga Road from Ruth Bredlau, Trustee for $187,500 on 10/27/16.

Imperial Cleaning Inc. bought 4367 Buckingham Drive from Secretary of the US Department of Housing and Urban Development for $165,000 on 10/28/16.

Harshad Patel bought 15 Schwaber Drive from Kokila Patel for $322,000 on 10/28/16.

David Deeb and Deborah Deeb bought 1521 Valencia Road from John Maynard Jr. and Rachel Maynard for $220,000 on 10/28/16.



Michael Ackerley and Cara Jasenski bought 693 Birchwood Drive from Richard Townsend and Carol Townsend for $272,000 on 10/26/16.

Lee Taylor and Leah Taylor bought 269 Shagbark Court from Kevin Sheehan and Mary Sheehan for $290,000 on 10/27/16.



Jessica LePore bought 2048 Cardiff Road from Linda Phillips for $150,000 on 10/24/16.

Rachel Graber bought 1800 Devendorf Road from Walter Dunham and Patricia Dunham for $185,000 on 10/24/16.

Peter DiMauro, Richard Davis, and Karianne Davis bought 1017 Getz Ave. from Alexander MacKay for $122,000 on 10/24/16.

James Mueller Jr. and Jessica Langlois bought 2652 Edgewood Ave. from Paul Corradi for $170,000 on 10/26/16.

Brian Kirker bought 1807 Helderberg Ave. from Giachelina Cocco for $145,000 on 10/26/16.

Rex Demeo and Brandi DeMeo bought 1108 Fort Hunter Road from Cara Jasenski for $140,500 on 10/26/16.

Matthew Rielly and Erin Rielly bought 108 Country Walk Road from David DeGeorgia and Marina DeGeorgia for $271,500 on 10/27/16.

Seth Gerstman and April Gerstman bought 120 Fisher Road from Robert Brown for $320,000 on 10/28/16.



Christian Gonzales-Borrero and Cydmarie Gonzales bought 235 Robinson St. from Habitat for Humanity of Schenectady County Inc. for $85,000 on 10/24/16.

Ralph Coon Jr. and Barbara Coon bought 1040 Gates Drive from Audrey Patneaude, Trustee for $229,000 on 10/24/16.

Hector Hernandez bought 231 Green St. from John Stringile for $58,000 on 10/24/16.

Joseph Karikas bought 2034 Hugh St. from Gerard Parisi and David Tomasek for $72,000 on 10/24/16.

Indrapaul Tiwari and Chandroutie Tiwari bought 1426 Richard St. from Kyle O’Connor for $66,000 on 10/25/16.

Jamie Miller and Mary Miller bought 1150 Garner Ave. from B and A Development LLC for $128,000 on 10/25/16.

Matthew Kiesow bought 1522 McClellan St. from Jeffrey Killenberger and Megan Killenberger for $116,000 on 10/26/16.

Elizabeth Grisby bought 1272 Parkwood Blvd. from Cobia LLC for $53,000 on 10/26/16.

Scott Fyvie bought 41 Kellar Ave. from Wells Fargo Bank NA  for $60,000 on 10/27/16.

Michael Kane and Tracey Kane bought 1984 Curry Road from Mary Nardini for $80,000 on 10/27/16.

Patrick Kirsten and Lori Severino bought 1018 Floral Ave. from Fabio Urbano for $173,500 on 10/27/16.

Jonathan Glisson and Cayla Cluckey bought 1016 Gates Drive from Jeremy Shultis and Michele Shultis for $256,000 on 10/27/16.

Kevin Briggs Jr.  bought 226 and 228 North Brandywine Ave. from Daniel Garrow for $62,000 on 10/27/16.