Real estate transactions: January 30, 2017


Henrietta Dunn bought Parcel on NYS Route 20 from Francis VanValen for $70,000 on 10/13/16.
Jared McCloud bought 543 VanPatten Road from Timothy Griffiths, Executor for $149,000 on 10/13/16.

Ramoncito Ramirez bought 3133 Touareuna Road from Theodore Bell and Sheila Bell for $207,000 on 10/11/16.
Albert Piraino bought 122 Charlton Road from Jeffrey Kibler and Kodi Duprey for $253,000 on 10/11/16.
John Garrow bought 213 Third St. from Michael Bennice and Meagan Novakovic for $55,000 on 10/11/16.
Nicholas Bottone and Jessica Moreau bought 12 Havenbrook Drive from Joseph LeBoeuf and Gabrielle LeBoeuf for $247,000 on 10/12/16.
Neil Benjamin and Edith Benjamin bought 17 Slatestone Drive from Dorothy Carpenter for $205,000 on 10/12/16.
Andrew Fiero and Britany Fiero bought 126 Jay St. from N.E. Properties LLC for $141,500 on 10/12/16.
Jason Roney and Ashley Hwaszcz bought 673 Ridge Road from Jeffrey Reynolds, Executor for $96,000 on 10/13/16.
Kevin Bodnaryk and Heather Bodnaryk bought 9 High Mills Road from SIRVA Relocation Credit LLC for $292,000 on 10/13/16.
Steven Schumaker and Maria Schumaker bought 14 Marilyn Drive from Joan Amell for $219,000 on 10/14/16.
Michael Fuselli and Man Chau-Fuselli bought 77 Scotch Bush Road from US Bank NA, Trustee for $78,000 on 10/14/16.
James Shields bought 12 Gleason Road from George Rock and Judy Rock for $203,000 on 10/14/16.

Edward Harper and Christine Harper bought 1916 East Country Club Drive from John Gritmon and Virginia Gritmon for $490,000 on 10/11/16.
Louise Durante and Jesse Kendall bought 946 Gloucester Place from Robin Lindenberg and Barry Lindenberg, Trustees for $382,000 on 10/11/16.
Daniel Cho and Esther Moon bought 205 Menlo Park Road from Carl Pucci and Marcia Pucci for $475,000 on 10/12/16.
Thomas Casey and Jaclyn Casey bought 2209 Stoneridge Road from Andrew Bresler and Lawrence Bresler for $315,000 on 10/12/16.
Eric Katz and Gail Gibson bought 2232 Rosendale Road from Mark Wells and Chelsea Donovan for $177,500 on 10/12/16.

Gabrielle Cassels bought 1955 Clement Road from Keith Rockenstyre and Tammy Rockenstyre for $79,000 on 10/11/16.
Eric Dickson Jr. bought 209 East Palmer Ave. from Virginia Vertucci for $152,500 on 10/11/16.
Nicholas Manuli bought 1113 Fayette Drive from Daniel Mangina and Maureen Ziobrowski for $102,000 on 10/12/16.
Randell Fikert Jr. and Patience Fikert bought 1361 Helderberg Ave. from Vincent Tebano and Catherina Tebano-Stevens for $130,000 on 10/13/16.
Audrey Patneaude, Trustee bought 140 Paddock Circle from Pigliavento Builders for $207,000 on 10/13/16.
Jason Shear bought 426 Melrose St. from Marguerite Bordeau for $128,500 on 10/13/16.

Daniel Michaud and Ashley Michaud bought 3469 Currybush Road from Benjamin Yauchler for $252,000 on 10/11/16.
Oumardoe Diaram and Parmella Diaram bought 1805 Avenue A from Gangaram Ramjag and Kissoon Ramjag for $80,000 on 10/11/16.
Vijendra Singh bought 421 Michigan Ave. from Brian Dahl for $77,000 on 10/11/16.
Patricia Fuller bought 1301 Sumner Ave. from Keith Berger for $120,000 on 10/11/16.
Senaida Morales bought 218 Chiswell Road from Danielle Szesnat for $73,000 on 10/12/16.
Stephen Macerola and Kristen DiPoffi bought 17 Hadel Road from Carlos Assid for $260,000 on 10/12/16.
Rebecca Paukstela bought 3318 McDonald Ave. from Dina Zucconi-Ariemma for $168,500 on 10/12/16.
Amanda Brinton bought 57 Jackson Ave. from Navendra Ramsaran and Bibi Ramsaran for $143,000 on 10/12/16.
Devorah Streeter and James Kapp bought 562 Ontario St. from Paul Bode and Allison Bode for $119,000 on 10/13/16.
Sham Persaud bought 30 Snowden Ave. from Kelly Maxwell for $90,000 on 10/13/16.
Darren Carusone and Rebecca Carusone bought 113 Fasula Blvd. from Robert Clark Jr. and Judith Clark for $268,500 on 10/13/16.
Da’meishe Wilson and Deanna Zammiello bought 312 Kings Road from Jessica Hughes for $128,000 on 10/13/16.
Andrew Schlueter bought 20 Jay St. from Herbert Warden for $159,000 on 10/13/16.
Shawn Marano bought 1156 Glenwood Blvd. from Morgan Intrator for $87,500 on 10/13/16.
Roxanne Procino bought 1390 Regal Ave. from Anthony DiLorenzo and Patricia Cagle for $72,500 on 10/14/16.
Shawn VanVeghten bought 1165 Waverly Place from Adam Tolokonsky and Theresa Tolokonsky for $72,000 on 10/14/16.
Angelyn Krogh and Mary DuBois bought 1314 Stanford St. from Laura Ockerman for $111,500 on 10/14/16.