Real Estate Tranactions

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Nelson Patino bought 6826 Duanesburg Road from Wilmington Savings Fund Society FSB, Trustee for $62,000 on 10/03/16.
Jared Nardi bought 3359 Lake Road from Ryan O’Connor and Jennifer O’Connor for $296,000 on 10/04/16.
Stephen Bartoszek bought 690 Gage Road from Wendy Grant for $200,000 on 10/06/16.
Amy Marlette and Heather Marlette bought 506 Mohawk Ave. from Randy Prock and Elizabeth Prock for $184,000 on 10/03/16.
Jennifer Wheeler bought 35 Onderdonk Road from Rian Walker and Denise Walker for $168,000 on 10/03/16.
Matthew Drouin bought 417 Engleman Ave. from Red Sea Development Inc. for $142,000 on 10/03/16.
Chad McConnelee and Lorijo McConnelee bought 122 Vley Road from Frederick Engert and Patricia Engert for $162,000 on 10/03/16.
Christian Greco bought 245 Church Road from Michael Ciniglia for $161,000 on 10/04/16.
Ian Pingelski and Allyson Pedalino bought 407 Huston St. from Theodore Lutz IV for $135,000 on 10/04/16.
John Parrelle and Billie Parrelle bought 6 Hawk St. from Victor Capogna and Gloria Capogna for $122,000 on 10/04/16.
Joseph Gatta bought 402 Mohawk Ave. from James Hale for $193,000 on 10/04/16.
Christopher Place and Crystal Cole bought 43 Pine St. from William Carr Jr., Executor for $162,000 on 10/05/16.
Jonathan Secore and Samantha Scholl bought 121 Bruce St. from Mark Klein, Elaine Klein, and Natalie Klein-Raymond for $145,000 on 10/05/16.
Julian Rodriguez bought 5 Root Ave. from Legacy Homes NY LLC for $174,500 on 10/06/16.
Michael Meliosky and Diane Meliosky bought 20 Pine St. from Christopher Jennings, Trustee for $166,000 on 10/07/16.
Travis Landry and Danielle Landry bought 17 Eltinge Place from Eugene Dobies and Rita Dobies for $219,500 on 10/07/16.
Susan Waldron bought 605 Michelle Way from William Gauthier and Sandra Gauthier for $205,000 on 10/03/16.
Sarah Cullen bought 893 Randall Road from Mary Lettieri for $266,000 on 10/04/16.
Dmitry Ziv and Irina Vologdin-Ziv bought 909 Meadow Lane from Ted Belhumeur and Elizabeth Pease for $270,000 on 10/05/16.
Erik Rutnik bought 1495 Myron St. from Renee Filin for $183,000 on 10/05/16.
Elmer Quintero and Eliud Torres bought 137 Middle St. from Jeffrey Fuchs and Andrea Findley for $385,000 on 10/06/16.
Jonathan Coupal bought 1816 Providence Ave. from Andrew Holland and Crystal Holland for $177,500 on 10/07/16.
Derrick Baldwin bought 512 Stanek Road from Michael Garrison, Administrator for $157,000 on 10/03/16.
Keith Rockenstyre and Tammy Rockenstyre bought 33 Miles Standish Road from Stephan Boiko and Theodore Boiko for $199,000 on 10/04/16.
John Chirico Jr. and Janet Chirico bought 3 Montebello Court from Christine Mallozzi for $450,000 on 10/04/16.
Elizabeth Mann bought 4138 Mariaville Road from Christopher Willox and Linda Willox for $210,000 on 10/04/16.
Billy Fortune bought 1145 Saint Jude Drive from Donald Frier Jr., Executor for $155,000 on 10/06/16.
Muhammad Uppal and Sonia Uppal bought 1740 and 1742 Ferguson St. from Steven Gadus and Linda Gadus for $232,000 on 10/06/16.
David Sullivan and Marion Sullivan bought 1375 Evergreen Ave. from Matthew Zink and Susan Zink for $126,000 on 10/06/16.
James Pacuk bought 1247 Knight Road from John Pacuk and Dianne Pacuk for $180,000 on 10/03/16.
Miriam Skrivanek bought 1487 Wyoming Ave. from Francisco Hernandez for $131,500 on 10/03/16.
James Chillis Jr. bought 1376 Kingston Ave. from Christina Ferri for $162,000 on 10/03/16.
John Jackson bought 1133 Dean St. from Secretary of the US Department of Housing and Urban Development for $65,500 on 10/03/16.
Aimee Christman and Stephen Christman bought 135 Western Parkway from Janet Hacknauer, Trustee for $60,000 on 10/04/16.
Thomas McCalla bought 111 Park Place from Elizabeth Mastrianni for $187,000 on 10/04/16.
Judith Stein, Trustee bought 1972 Eastern Parkway from Shaneze Islam for $190,000 on 10/05/16.
Anil Latchminarain bought 1214 Seventh Ave. from Stephen Raffele IV for $60,000 on 10/05/16.
David Lysogorski bought 22 Alvey St. from Courtney Perry for $75,000 on 10/05/16.
Shi Tong Zhu bought 1740 and 1742 Fiero Ave. from Christine Slingerland and Susan Fiorino for $245,000 on 10/06/16.
Donna Goossens bought 321 Eleanor St. from Barbara Strickland for $62,500 on 10/06/16.
Debra Foley bought 9 Landon Terrace from Robert Foley for $55,000 on 10/06/16.
Nicholas Kossor and Melissa Hamilton bought 830 Plymouth Ave. from Crystal Mongillo, Administratrix for $165,000 on 10/06/16.
Ramdat Ramkaran bought 1374 and 1376 Crane St. from Omesh Mangra for $70,000 on 10/06/16.
Mahase Haripersad and Jainaraine Haripersad bought 17 Tower Ave. from Paula Matarazzo and Irene Frasier, Executrices for $100,000 on 10/07/16.
Guang Shui Shi and Xiao Qin Shi bought 201 North Amherst Ave. from Cartus Financial Co. for $255,000 on 10/07/16.
Sean Murray bought 320 Clayton Road from Joseph Fisherauer Sr. for $140,000 on 10/07/16.
Reed Poulton and Ceara Poulin bought 1198 Hendrickson Ave. from Tod Parent and Heather Parent for $143,000 on 10/07/16.
Leo Snyder and Evelyn Snyder bought 527 Orlinda Ave. from Carol Collins, Executrix for $129,000 on 10/04/16.