Local Real Estate Transactions

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Kevin Morrison and Abby Giardenelli bought 352 Barton Hill Road from Ellen Cooper for $180,000 on 09/27/16.
Dominick Pugh bought 126 Sanders Ave. from Alan Zimmerman, Executor for $67,000 on 09/26/16.
David Haug and Kathleen Haug bought 110 Bruce St. from Jeffrey Keith and Brooke Keith for $162,000 on 09/27/16.
Shane Myers and Patricia Weaver bought 360 Ridge Road from Christina McAuliffe for $286,000 on 09/27/16.
Justin Malloy and Kayla Malloy bought 220 James St. from Scott Roberts for $150,000 on 09/28/16.
Anthony Sinopoli and Anne Sinopoli bought 68 Harmon Road from Christopher LaVenture and Kozeta LaVenture for $273,000 on 09/28/16.
Michele Hendrickson and Frances Steele bought 11 Roslyn Drive from Jeffery Monaco and Amy Monaco for $223,000 on 09/28/16.
Christopher Wallin and Lisa Wallin bought 18 Sheldon Drive from Kevin Hanson and Elizabeth Hanson for $324,000 on 09/29/16.
Hans-Friedrich Mueller and Theresa Mueller bought 20 Sunnyside Road from Jacob Bowman and Jennifer Bowman for $257,000 on 09/30/16.
Perry Anderson bought 710 Sanders Ave. from John Vandenberg, Executor for $155,000 on 09/30/16.
Brijesh Kumar Tantuwaya and Rakhi Kumar Tantuwaya bought 241 Menlo Park Road from John Guest and Betty Guest for $76,500 on 09/26/16.
Dmitry Burshteyn bought 34 Carrie Court from Hakan Attaroglu for $260,000 on 09/27/16.
Radu Neagu bought 2212 Lynnwood Drive from Dantam Rao and Sheela Rao, Trustees for $300,000 on 09/28/16.
Tarekul Khan and Shaila Khan bought 2061 Orchard Park Drive from Kathleen Sweet for $427,000 on 09/28/16.
Christopher Damon bought 22 Moores Court from Cartus Financial Co. for $275,000 on 09/29/16.
Matthew Holdridge bought 1046 Cornelius Ave. from Jessica Sanderson for $227,000 on 09/29/16.
Glen Gross and Anne Hopkins-Gross bought 1204 VanAntwerp Road from John Knarvik and Marilyn Knarvik for $225,000 on 09/29/16.
Frank Wagenbaugh and Vicky Wagenbaugh bought 2516 Englewood Drive from Megan Helin for $220,000 on 09/30/16.
Joseph Juras and Janet Juras bought 86 Jessica Lane from Altair Roland and Anne Roland for $340,000 on 09/30/16.
Daniel Ross and Jamie Ross bought 3455 Pangburn Road from Julianne Hasbrouck, Executrix for $208,000 on 09/29/16.
Sarah Gilboy bought 2717 Ford Ave. from John McGuire and Barbara McGuire for $122,000 on 09/28/16.
Hua Su bought 1137 Outer Drive from Richard Califano Jr. and MaryGrace Califano for $148,000 on 09/29/16.
John Shiely and Deborah Spiak bought 1000 Valentine Drive from Janet Schoonmaker for $130,000 on 09/29/16.
Christina Tallman bought 1016 Sunrise Blvd. from Anna Cimino for $100,500 on 09/29/16.
Christopher Canova and Jennifer Nejman bought 1094 Mary Lane from Nicholas Galusha and Dana Galusha for $215,000 on 09/29/16.
William Wells and Carla Wells bought 2908 Myrtle Ave. from Ida Ellis for $161,500 on 09/30/16.
Matthew Zink and Susan Zink bought 106 Schermerhorn Road from Donna Wallace, Trustee for $148,500 on 09/30/16.
Colin Kizer and Kristina White bought 174 Caldicott Road from John Carlino Jr. and Eileen Carlino for $173,000 on 09/30/16.
Indranie Iyarsami bought 17 Frank St. from Daniel Lauziere and Marta Lauziere for $65,000 on 09/27/16.
Anthony Ramasami bought 2013 Avenue B from Laurette Ramasami for $50,000 on 09/28/16.
Mochan Gopaul bought 1075 Helderberg Ave. from Shane Hoeltzel and Sarah Trembly for $95,000 on 09/29/16.
Gabriel Goyette bought 306 Rosa Road from Amelia Nowicki for $85,000 on 09/29/16.
Greg Welch  bought 296 William St. from Federal National Mortgage Association for $85,000 on 09/29/16.
Miles Hamilton bought 1334 Paul Ave. from Christopher Canova for $133,500 on 09/29/16.
Jankie Lakhram bought Parcel on Second Ave. from Padmini Dingoor, Sudama Moorley, and Chandani Moorley for $204,000 on 09/29/16.
Craig Lurie bought 931 Strong St. from Taramattie Walter for $65,500 on 09/30/16.
Chetrwati Shampersaud and Fnu Shampersaud bought 1123 Austin Place from Matthew Ellithorpe and Joshua Joyce for $117,500 on 09/30/16.
Abdool Rahim and Bibi Rahim bought 941 Congress St. from John Mootooveren and Chandranie Mootooveren for $55,000 on 09/30/16.