Rosendale Road traffic complaints prompt study

Traffic on Rosendale Rd. at Old River Rd. hairpin.MARC SCHULTZ/GAZETTE PHOTOGRAPHER Traffic on Rosendale Rd. at Old River Rd. hairpin.


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NISKAYUNA- The Niskayuna police department will be completing a traffic study along Rosendale Road after residents have brought up concerns of speeding and noise.

According to residents, Rosendale Road used to be a quiet road to live on. With the road’s speed limit of 30 miles per hour and a weight limit of six tons, residents around Lions Park area rarely heard loud traffic from their homes.  All that has changed in the last few years, according to residents, and they are now seeking help from the town.

Mike Cassella, who has lived on Rosendale Road for over 25 years, said that traffic near the intersection of Rosendale Road and Route 7 has never been so bad.

He drafted a petition calling for attention to the issue and calling for the use of stop signs and more speed limit signs on the road.  Cassella also wrote a letter addressed to police chief Dan McManus regarding the traffic concerns.

“People are using it as a cut-through to Route 7 and Latham, which is fine but it means there’s additional traffic,” Cassella said.

Police Chief Dan McManus agreed and said that traffic throughout the town has increased.  

But it’s not only additional traffic that’s the problem, according to Cassella.

“People ignore the speed limit signs and they ignore the weight limit,” Cassella said.

He said that delivery vehicles often disobey the weight limit and also speed through the area, in a rush to make all their deliveries at the expense of the residents.

“The houses in this area are close to the road so all too often a highway like atmosphere is present, but more importantly safety is a very real concern,” Cassella said.

Neighbor Denise Stringer agreed and wrote a similar letter addressed to Bill McPartlon of Niskayuna’s Public Safety Commission.

“ . . . motorists traveling west on River Road frequently fail to come to a complete stop at the stop sign. Finally, we have little to no support from the Niskayuna Town Police in monitoring traffic violation in this area,” Stringer wrote.

She also recommended that the town reduce the speed limit from 30 miles per hour down to 25 miles per hour.

“No doubt, a stop sign at the intersection of Niskayuna Drive and Rosendale Road or a similar arrangement would contribute enormously to slowing speeders and reducing hazards. What was designed for horses and buggies no longer works. Please help us,” Stringer wrote.

Cassella presented his concerns and those of his neighbors to the Town Board during a meeting on Dec. 20.

Board member Denise Murphy-McGraw said that this wasn’t the first time that residents along Rosendale Road have voiced concerns of this nature.

According to McManus, police have conducted traffic studies along Rosendale Road although closer to Rosenhill Blvd.

“We try to best monitor and analyze it so that we can do our best to efficiently enforce the areas,” McManus said.

The Niskayuna police often receive complaints on traffic concerns. They follow up on these complaints through traffic studies. Police measure the traffic volume and the speeds at which every vehicle drives by so that police can determine when to patrol.

“Traffic in the entire town has increased,” McManus said. Because of this, he sent out a letter to all town residents reminding them to be safe and keep the speed limits in mind as they drive through town roads.

The next step for the police force will be to study the area and then determine when/where to put additional traffic enforcement.

We will likely wait until after the holidays where traffic patterns return to normal with work and school schedules,” McManus said.

Once the study is completed, the results will be taken to the Police and Public Safety Committee for review.

McPartlon said that even though Rosendale Road is a county road, the town’s police force will be doing all they can to monitor the area.

“In the meantime, we will be directing available enforcement efforts to the Rosendale Road areas we discussed,” McManus said.

MARC SCHULTZ/GAZETTE PHOTOGRAPHER Traffic on Rosendale Rd. at Niskayuna Rd.

Traffic on Rosendale Rd. at Niskayuna Rd.