Real Estate Transactions

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Gary Relation and Erin McLaughlin bought 464 Schoharie Turnpike from Benson Persing, Roberta Persing, Kimberly Bryant, and Aaron Persing for $255,000 on 08/18/16.


Sara Pick bought 133 Horstman Drive from James Bradley and Tatiana Bradley for $215,000 on 08/15/16.

Daniel May and Veronica May bought 207 Alexander Ave. from Ivan Skomp and Dorothy Skomp for $155,000 on 08/15/16.

Jacob Patterson and Lauren Patterson bought 102 Elmwood Drive from Jodi Baum for $245,000 on 08/16/16.

James Hirtle and Jennifer Behrens bought 602 South Holmes St. from Gregory Dobert Sr. and Dianne Dobert for $197,500 on 08/16/16.

William Green bought 5878 Amsterdam Road from Bayview Loan Servicing LLC for $131,000 on 08/17/16.

Francis Guerin and Barbara Guerin bought 4 Hempshire Court from Robert Blanchet and Kimberly Blanchet for $232,000 on 08/17/16.

Steven Lott and Katy Lott bought 105 Glenridge Road from Marcella Maurer and Karen Ewart, Trustees for $131,000 on 08/18/16.

Victoria Dickson bought 313 Sanders Ave. from Brian Miller Jr. and Kari Perrotte for $141,500 on 08/18/16.

David Reken and Sally Reken bought 15 Sutherland Drive from Justin Rapp for $199,500 on 08/18/16.

Nicholas Sweet  bought 207 Cambridge Manor Drive from Anita Nasuto, Trustee for $115,000 on 08/19/16.

Evan Harms and Anna Woods Carbone-Harms bought 1001 Tecumseh Way from Arlene Camp for $230,000 on 08/19/16.



David Holland bought 1352 Clifton Park Road from Peter Savel and Georgia Savel for $125,000 on 08/15/16.

Scott Hefley and Amy Majewicz-Hefley bought 3 Kimberly Court from Edward Timm and Elizabeth Timm for $340,000 on 08/16/16.

Matthew McDonald and Jocelyn McDonald bought 1282 Ruffner Road from Andrew Cain and Kelli Cain for $415,000 on 08/17/16.

Raymond Booth and Tiffany Harling bought 129 North Amherst Ave. from Imperial Cleaning Inc. for $167,000 on 08/17/16.

John Gumpher and Sun Ye Gumpher bought 2157 Appletree Lane from Claire Hughes for $380,000 on 08/17/16.

Carlos Gutierrez and Carrie Gutierrez bought 2468 Hilltop Road from David Barnett and Laura Reznick for $272,500 on 08/18/16.

Jason Edwards and Tuuli Edwards bought 2001 Regent St. from William Hahnenberger, Trustee for $263,000 on 08/19/16.

Edward Hebert, Richard Pallotolo, and Kelly Hotaling bought 2071 Morrow Ave. from Jason Edwards and Tuuli Edwards for $165,000 on 08/19/16.

Ferdinando Cammarota bought 507 Vly Pointe Drive from Lorenzo Agnes and Delray Agnes for $238,000 on 08/19/16.

Thomas Loehr bought 90 Ravine Road from Molly Cocco for $110,000 on 08/19/16.

David Greco and Stacy Greco bought 18 Pinecrest Drive  from 18 Pinecrest Drive LLC for $387,500 on 08/19/16.


Patrick Culligan and Janel Culligan bought 4404 Rynex Corners Road from Ruth Miranda for $160,000 on 08/18/16.


Charles Barber and Kelly Barber bought 1057 Irene St. from Janai Dumond-Hall for $135,000 on 08/15/16.

Grayson Weil and Brittany Weil bought 54 Annabelle Place from Ira Schaffer and Susan Schaffer for $180,000 on 08/16/16.

Eric Larson and Caryn Burton bought 402 Juniper Drive from John Lussi and Marie Lussi for $138,000 on 08/16/16.

Gurdeep Kang bought 122 Fasula Blvd. from Angelo Dawson and Eleanor Dawson for $240,000 on 08/16/16.

Robert Narcavage and Kimberly Narcavage bought 1126 Palma Ave. from Diana Lindhurst for $206,000 on 08/16/16.

Ryan Couture bought 1014 Spry Lane from Denise Hoblock for $142,500 on 08/17/16.

Deven Schuppe bought 2440 Barton Ave. from Christine Schuppe for $210,000 on 08/18/16.

Nathan Goldstein bought 104 Schermerhorn Road from Donna Wallace, Trustee for $133,500 on 08/18/16.

Amie Myers bought 173 Rotterdam St. from Brian DeAngelo for $163,000 on 08/18/16.

Matthew Bruce and Jamie Bruce bought 206 Autumn Run from Marilyn Woodward for $251,500 on 08/19/16.


Courtney Jensen-Krzykowski bought 2079 Curry Road from US Bank Trust NA, Trustee for $106,000 on 08/15/16.

Lori Dalrymple bought 2005 Elizabeth St. from Brandon Vine for $117,000 on 08/15/16.

Maxwell Walthour-Lippitt III bought 420 Clayton Road from Secretary of the US Department of Housing and Urban Development for $64,500 on 08/15/16.

Gregory Guillaume bought Parcel on Prospect St. from Kevin Krosky for $62,500 on 08/16/16.

Serena Moya bought 1589 Union St. from Randy Brenner and Michelle D’Allaird-Brenner for $139,000 on 08/16/16.

Christopher Holoday and Nicole Vitallo bought 1040 John Alden Lane from Signature Home Buyers for $170,000 on 08/16/16.

Samantha LeGere bought 4 North St. from David Dietrich, Executor for $74,500 on 08/16/16.

Elicia Ashley-Williams bought 1126 Raymond St. from Juan Jimenez and Jacqueline Jimenez for $147,000 on 08/17/16.

Diwantee Christenlall bought 954 Francis Ave. from Sookdeo Nehru and Sursattie Nehru for $80,000 on 08/17/16.

Susanne Fear bought 872 Thompson St. from Emily Kuhl for $75,500 on 08/17/16.

Angela Williams bought 853 Harrison Ave. from William Lane and James Marley for $133,000 on 08/18/16.

Nathan Baynard bought 7 Corlaer Ave. from Nancy Phillips, Trustee for $127,500 on 08/19/16.

Robert Lane  bought 59 Glenville St. from Signature Home Buyers for $200,000 on 08/19/16.

Clint Reynolds bought 1524 Wendell Ave. from Gary McCarthy and Gregory McCarthy for $122,000 on 08/19/16.

Nicholas Davis and Amber Davis bought 215 Starr Ave. from Anthony Nuzzi for $122,000 on 08/19/16.

Hanh Chung, Alissa Chung, and Sherry Chung bought 1125 Hendrickson Ave. from John Krahn for $140,000 on 08/19/16.

Steven Surnear bought 1491 McClellan St. from Bronislaw Duszak for $139,500 on 08/19/16.

James Cutter bought 3635 Jewett Place from Laurie Lazinski and Cheryl Zinnershine for $128,000 on 08/19/16.