Legionella bacteria found at Schenectady nursing home

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A Schenectady nursing home has reported high levels of Legionella bacteria in its water system, though there have been no reported illnesses related to the facility.

Kingsway Nursing Home notified the state Department of Health that more than 30 percent of samples from a recent test of water sources at the facility contained Legionella bacteria. The form of Legionella found in the facility’s hot water system is not the type associated with Legionnaires’ disease, said Mark Olsen, the home’s administrator.

After getting its test results back a few weeks ago, the nursing home worked with the Department of Health to address the issue, Olsen said, and he’s confident the water system is safe. Kingsway will look to put measures in place to keep the bacteria from returning, he said.

The Department of Health reiterated that there are no reported cases of Legionellosis at Kingsway, and that the facility is following proper protocols. Kingsway has never had anyone in the facility contract Legionnaires’ disease, Olson added.

The nursing home has installed point-of-use filters in appropriate locations to ensure proper remediation, the Department of Health said.