Rexford man admits scamming two elderly women

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By Steven Cook

— A Rexford man accused of scamming money from two elderly women pleaded guilty to two misdemeanor charges earlier this month, prosecutors said.

Richard Livingston, 67, pleaded guilty in Schenectady City Court to one count each of petty larceny and fifth-degree criminal tax fraud.

In return, he was ordered to forfeit $4,000 in cash seized under a search warrant, pay an additional $5,000 in restitution and forfeit jewelry that was also seized, prosecutors said this week.

The deal includes no additional jail time.

Prosecutor Eamonn Neary said the deal fulfills the victims’ wishes to not require them to participate in the trial process. One woman is now in her early 90s. The other is in her mid-80s.

The deal also gives the victims some restitution, said Neary.

Livingston was accused of defrauding the women over a period of about three years, from April 2013 until his arrest. The tax fraud count resulted from Livingston’s failure to pay income tax on the ill-gotten income.

Livingston befriended the victims, provided them with rides and gained access to their bank accounts, Neary said.

“He was able to convince them that it would be easier financially if he became a joint bank account holder with them,” Neary said. “Once he had access to their bank accounts, he basically spent at will.”

Livingston’s attorney, Joe Litz, said a number of factors led to the guilty plea, and he noted authorities originally charged Livingston with a felony, though he pleaded guilty to misdemeanors.

Neary said the case began with a call to Adult Protective Services.