NHS Craft Fair to celebrate 30 years

Photo provided: One of the craft booths featured at the Niskayuna Craft Fair in 2015.Photo provided: One of the craft booths featured at the Niskayuna Craft Fair in 2015.

NISKAYUNA — On the weekends, the High School tends to be pretty quiet.

Except for one Saturday morning in late October, when the crafters come.

This will be the 30th year of the Niskayuna High School Craft Fair and organizers are hoping to make it the biggest yet.

From 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. Oct. 29, over 100 crafters will set up shop, most of them local to the Capital Region.

“This is the only PTO fundraiser we have all year,” said organizer Kristin Kennedy.

Last year the fair generated over $10,000 for the High School PTO, which went towards the after-prom party, the senior gala and barbecue, teacher mini-grants, and the staff appreciation luncheon, among other events.

Beyond crafters, the fair’s bake sale is a big attraction.

Ellen Lin, a Niskayuna teacher and parent, has been volunteering with the bake sale for over ten years.

“It’s always such a festive atmosphere and I always run into friends and neighbors,” Lin said.

She has a passion for baking and it shows in what she (and other volunteers) bake every year.

There’s everything from fresh-baked ciabatta breads to cider donuts to homemade pies and cupcakes.

“My bakers for the bake sale realize that craft fair attendees have higher expectations compared to other bake sales, so they put forth their best items. We offer whole homemade pies, some in reusable glass plates. We have beautifully decorated whole cakes as well as many ethnic specialties from our diverse population,” said Lin.

Not to mention the cupcakes and other confectionery offerings.

“We also get the students involved in the fundraiser. After all, we are raising money for them! Multiple student groups help by setting up, unloading crafter cars in the morning, loading crafter cars at the end of the day, taking orders from crafters for lunch and delivering lunch, and just generally supporting everyone by being movers, messengers and gofers,” Lin said.

From the crafter’s perspective, the fair offers a chance to sell their craft and to gain exposure.

For Kay Opdyke, who has been involved with the craft fair for the past 25 years, it’s also convenient.

“It’s handy! My kids went to school there, I subbed there and I see people I know but don’t normally see,” Opdyke said.

This year she’ll be selling aprons, walker bags and a variety of other things.

Other crafters will be selling everything from scarves to holiday decorations to jewelry.

“Our craft fair has over 120 crafter booths every year. Ninety percent of our crafters products are all homemade and the crafters come from all over the region,” said Kennedy.

There also will be raffles for various prizes that were donated from the business community and the crafters.

Lunch will be available from a concession stand.


When: 10 a.m. – 3 p.m. on Saturday, Oct. 29

Where: Niskayuna High School

Cost: Free to attend 

Overflow parking will be available at Town Hall and there will be free shuttle service available.

For more information, visit: niskycraftfair@weebly.com or email niskycraftfair@yahoo.com