Woman honors mother’s dream with Dog’s Retreat

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Teresa Weber poses with her dog Brina in front of their Niskayuna home, days before Dog's Retreat opens in Latham. Saturday, Sept. 24, 2016.Photo provided: Teresa Weber poses with her dog Brina in front of their Niskayuna home, days before Dog's Retreat opens in Latham. Saturday, Sept. 24, 2016.

Gazette Reporter

LATHAM- “We’re a family of dog lovers,” Teresa Weber said.

And with the opening of her and her husband Joe’s dog day care center, her love of all things canine is pretty obvious.

But Dog’s Retreat is much more than a business based around a love for dogs.

It’s Weber’s way of carrying out her mother’s dream.

“I would always talk with my mom about opening up a place like this. It gave her some joy and something to focus on. She always had ideas for it and before she passed away earlier this year, she told me ‘Teresa, I really think you can do this,’” Weber said.

In a tightly knit Italian family such as Weber’s, promises like these are kept.

While business and or dog care are not entirely new to Weber either.

“I also run a cleaning business with one of my girl friends,” Weber said. Prior to that, Weber was an elementary teacher for 17 years.

“But I guess I’m just more traditional and I really wanted to be home for my kids,” Weber said.

While her kids (Emily, Haley, and Jesse) were going through school at Niskayuna, Weber ran the cleaning business so that she could design her own hours and be home whenever her children got off the bus.

But now that the youngest is in Siena Collge, Weber and her husband (who recently retired from National Grid) decided that it was finally the right time to start their ‘dream job’ and thus they began to plan what is now Dog’s Retreat.

“I want this to be a very family oriented business, Weber said.

Evidence of her family’s support and presence are already weaved throughout the building with murals of cartoon dogs.

“My niece painted those,” Weber said, “and she did a great job with it.”

While Weber has had a lot of help getting the place ready, challenges still arose in the planning process.

Perhaps the biggest challenge was finding a location that would work for a dog daycare center and getting through all of the ‘paperwork’ it takes to get a business such as this up and running.

“The only thing I was concerned about, was that the front door is a little too close to the road. So we built another entrance in back and we’ll only use that one,” Weber said.

Dog’s Retreat will offer daycare from 7 a.m. until 6 p.m., kennel services, grooming and training.

“We’re really flexible with hours though and we understand that people might not be able to get out of work in time and they might not be there right at 6. Someone will always be here,” Weber said.

Indeed, there is a bedroom built in so that anyone on kennel duty can stay with the dogs all night.

“Not all dogs want the same thing. Some are completely fine in a kennel, others just need and room and others need to roam around,” Weber said.

For canine tenants who are missing their owners and the freedom of their homes, someone from Dog’s Retreat will be staying over and helping the dogs through the evening.

“That’s what’s going to set us apart from other kennels and daycares in the area. The dogs will always be given attention here,” Weber said.