Trimarchi: living the dream onstage and across the country

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Sofia Trimarchi, a Hillside elementary fifth grader who is traveling around the country as an understudy in Fun Home. Sunday, Sept. 25, 2016.Photo provided: Sofia Trimarchi, a Hillside elementary fifth grader who is traveling around the country as an understudy in Fun Home. Sunday, Sept. 25, 2016.


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NISKAYUNA- Theater has been Sofia Trimarchi’s passion since she was six years old. Now, at age ten, Sofia is spending six days a week for the next six months in theaters all across the country with “Fun Home: the Musical.” The musical is centered around Alison Bechdel’s graphic memoir (also called Fun Home), tackling issues of sexuality, identity and family relationships.

In Sofia’s words, “It’s a really deep show. You have to see it.”  

Here’s a little glimpse into her journey so far:

Indiana: When did you start acting and what made you want to try it?

Sofia: I started when I was six, almost seven years old, taking voice lessons because I really liked to sing. About three months later, my teacher suggested that I audition for “The Sound of Music” with SLOC. Then my music teacher at school said that I should audition for Gretel so I did and I got it! That show was great because I made automatic friends with the cast and even though I thought the rehearsals were going to be really long, they didn’t feel like it.

Indiana: So how did you come to audition for “Fun Home” and what was the audition like?

Sofia: My Dad (Peter) told me about it. He said that it was an open call and that it would just be great auditioning experience for me to go down to New York City and audition. He told me about it a week ahead of time so I only had a week to prepare. But I did it and when I got down there I did pretty well.

Indiana: Were you nervous during the audition and what was it like?

Sofia: I was super nervous, but I have this word that I use for auditions: nerve-cited. Because I’m really nervous but I’m also excited. So for the Fun Home audition, I was very nerve-cited. I could hear people auditioning after me because where I was sitting, there was only this wall between us. But after the audition, my family drove all the way back to Niskayuna and we got a call-back the next day asking for me to come down again. So I had a good feeling about it.

Indiana: So when did you find out that you got it and what role do you play?

Sofia: I auditioned in June, before school had even ended. I found out a few weeks later that I was the swing for three characters (which means that I’m the understudy for three characters in the show). My mom and dad had to do a little debate about the pros and cons because it would mean a lot of traveling. But they said yes, which I’m really thankful that they did.

Indiana: Do they get to travel with you then?

Sofia: Yes. My mom and dad and sister Chloe (7) are all traveling with me. I’m actually really lucky because most kids don’t get to have their whole families travel with them and I always think that they must really miss their families.

Indiana: What’s the rehearsal/performance schedule like? How are you keeping up with schoolwork?

Sofia: We have rehearsals starting at 12:30 and we go until 12 but we get a long break for dinner and in between. During rehearsals, the understudies switch on and off. So first I’ll do schoolwork with our tutor Caroline and then we’ll switch after a few hours and I’ll be on stage rehearsing.

Indiana: What’s been your favorite part about the show so far?

Sofia: Everything. The show is amazing and I get to learn from all these Broadway actors and actresses. It’s been great.

Indiana: What’s been the most challenging part for you so far?

Sofia: It was tough to play a boy at first. I play two boys in different scenes and I have to wear this wig. It’s hard to play a boy but it’s also pretty fun.

Indiana: Any advice you would give to young actors and actresses who want to get on-stage?

Sofia: There’s a whole lot of stuff out there that you can do. If you want to do it, just get out there and do it. And if you think it looks fun, you are so right.