Vachon blends passion for baking with desire to help

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Amelia Vachon, a Niskayuna sixth grade student, hosts a bake sale for No Kid Hungry. Saturday, August 13, 2016.Photo provided: Amelia Vachon, a Niskayuna sixth grade student, hosts a bake sale for No Kid Hungry. Saturday, August 13, 2016.

Gazette Reporter
NISKAYUNA — Not many great stories start out with commercial breaks.
Viewers usually do their best to tune advertisements out in preparation for their
program of choice to come back on.

But for Niskayuna sixth-grader Amelia Vachon, a commercial break is exactly
where her latest fundraiser began.
“I was watching the Food Network because I’m always watching that station,
and I saw a commercial for No Kid Hungry,” Amelia said.
After hearing about the organization’s mission and doing a bit of research,
Amelia decided to help through one of her favorite hobbies: baking.
To raise money for the organization, Amelia held a Share Our Strength bake
sale for No Kid Hungry on Aug. 13. She baked around 70 cupcakes and
brownies the night before the sale and sold nearly all of them, bringing in about
“I set up a page on their website where people can donate to,” Amelia said.
According to her page, the goal was $100. She has reached the $110 mark and
people can still donate at http://join.
“This year, nearly one in five kids in America will face hunger. That’s more
than 16 million. But, there is hope. Share our Strength is working to connect hungry kids with programs that can help them get the food they need to thrive,” Amelia wrote on the site.
Although the bake sale was successful, Amelia said she is hoping to hold more of
them in the future because, “I just thought it’s a really nice thing to do.”
Vachon also ran a lemonade stand earlier this summer to raise money for
the Ayres Memorial Shelter in Sprakers, Montgomery County.
Her dog, Rudy, was adopted from the shelter and she wanted to find a way to
give back to them.
While she enjoys baking for a good cause, someday she also hopes to open up
a bakery of her own, possibly in Niskayuna or in Maine, where some of her
extended family lives.
“I always helped my mom in the kitchen when I was little. I’ve been baking on my
own since I was about 8 or 9,” Amelia said.
Her specialty?
“I would say just my vanilla cupcakes, although everyone at the bake sale said
that they loved the red velvet cupcakes too,” Amelia said.

She is hoping to specialize her bakery in cupcakes. In the meantime, she will be
working toward her black belt in karate.
“I’m up to brown advanced now,” Amelia said. She’s been taking lessons from a
studio in Clifton Park for the past several years and said it’s her favorite sport.
Beyond this, she is a Girl Scout and often looks for other ways to volunteer in
the community through her troop.
With school starting soon, she may have to cut back on the number of bake
sales and lemonade stands she runs. But Vachon will no doubt find other ways to
give to causes she is passionate about.