Student Spotlight on Julia Favata

Julia Favata poses outside of Niskayuna high school.INDIANA NASH/GAZETTE REPORTER Julia Favata poses outside of Niskayuna high school.


Gazette Reporter

NISKAYUNA- Standing on the precipice of graduation can be a nerve wracking experience for some high school seniors. For Julia Favata, it’s more surreal than terrifying.

“I’m looking forward to meeting new people and the freedom,” said Favata of the next step in her educational career.

She is set to attend Sacred Heart and is planning on majoring in education. Although she is most known for her sports record, she received scholarships for singing, bowling, and her high grades.

“My mom used to bowl and we all started to bowl when we were kids,” referring to her two brothers, Tommy and Dominic. It’s something that has always brought her family together and one thing she plans to do well after college.

During bowling season, she participates in four leagues, which usually means she ends up bowling six days a week. This has lead to a division one spot in the bowling team at Sacred Heart.

Her mother, Laura, also drew her into singing. “When I was a kid, my mom would play piano at our church and one day she had me sing with her,” said Favata. From there she joined the church choir, the middle school choir, and moved on to the high school choir. She was also accepted into the select choir at the high school.

“I can sing in front of people but I don’t like to speak in front of people,” said Favata.

This seems like it might be a problem, as she plans to become an early elementary education teacher.

However, Favata said that singing in front of people is slowly helping to build her confidence and upon her ability to speak in front of others.

“It used to be a real problem. In my Sophomore year I couldn’t present in front of people at all. But now, I’ve done it a few times and I’ve been fine,” said Favata.

The idea to become a teacher stemmed from watching her grandmother teach religion and from her mother’s own career.

“I love kids . . . my family is Italian and I have a lot of younger cousins that I’m always around,” said Favata. “I’m not looking forward to saying goodbye to the kids when they move onto the next grade,” she said, already looking ahead to the days when she has her own classroom.

Beyond all of this, Favata enjoys volunteering and being involved in her church.

“I’d like to attend church during college, as long as I can get up on Sundays,” said Favata with a laugh. At St. Kateri, Favata is able to represent the youth in the pastoral council.

“I’ve done some volunteer work with the City Mission,” said Favata, along with various food drives through her church and softball clinics in the summer.

Currently, Favata is focused on softball. “We’ve had a tough season,” said Favata. But she’s hoping to have fun with the rest of the team during their last few weeks of the season together.