SI Group, aiming to expand footprint, promotes pair

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On Oct. 1, SI Group announced two new positions to their leadership team that were filled with internal promotions. Christopher Cornille has been named vice president of supply chain services and Thomas Masterson has been named vice president and general counsel, responsible for global legal affairs, regulatory affairs and corporate governance of environmental, health and safety. Both positions are new roles, created to support SI Group’s strategy in its expanding global footprint.
Cornille started at SI Group in 2010 as director of sales for North America. His most recent role was executive director for new business development, which he held since 2014. Masterson served as SI Group’s first in-house attorney back in 2006 and has since led the development of the company’s legal department into a global function, earning the title of general counsel in 2011.
“The role of supply chain in the manufacturing industry is undergoing an evolution, especially with the growing need for automation and timely and accurate information flow. It all boils down to getting the right product where our customers need it, when they need it. And that’s a job that I take very seriously,” said Cornille.
The creation of these two roles isn’t the first change that SI Group has had in recent months. In September, the company underwent rebranding in hopes of attracting new talent and continuing to grown, while fortifying its relationship with the community.
SI Group has been in Schenectady County for over 100 years. This year, the community-oriented company has sponsored local events and charities throughout Schenectady, such as Little League teams, the Music Haven Concert Series, Niska-Day and the Downtown Schenectady Improvement District.
According to Tara Morgan, public relations and communications manager at SI Group, the company is getting ready to announce a collaboration with Schenectady County that will provide funding in support of its Household Hazardous Waste Collection Program. SI Group will give a grant of $25,000 which will fund the purchase of a customized residual waste container to dispose of hazardous chemicals.
“Our strategy is to strengthen our core business. Everything we’re doing is related to that strategy. We want to tell our story about what we do to make the world a better place,” said Frank Bozich, president of SI Group.
According to Bozich, these new positions are common at other businesses and are especially necessary when dealing with global markets, as opposed to more of a local focus. Now, SI Group has taken the next step in its business plan in order to understand the needs of the customers better and to work more efficiently with their assets overseas. For example, Bozich says the company will be expanding business in Asia greatly in the next couple of years because of cost structure growth.
“This will be a new challenge for me, and it will be particularly interesting in light of the constantly evolving regulatory regimes within which we operate. We’re a global company, operating on five continents with a local presence in 10 countries. We have more than 2,700 employees, and customers in more than 90 countries,” said Masterson. ”That’s a lot to think about in the context of my new responsibilities, but we’re a company of people with strong values and a set of guiding principles that we aren’t willing to sacrifice.”
SI Group has chosen Robert Kaiser to take on Cornille’s previous role of executive director for new business development, also on Oct. 1, making for a smooth transition. Masterson will keep all of his previous responsibilities, with the addition of what comes along with this new position.
To make this decision, Bozich looked at the executive team and assessed their strengths and weaknesses.
“We look for leadership and people who have the ability to inspire people that they work with. Both Chris and Tom had those qualities.”
SI Group’s leadership additions reinforce the company’s pursuit of developing solutions that address global megatrends such as environment, resource scarcity, mobility and changing demographics, which are all components of their vision for 2020.