MY TAKE: Who is your role model?

My Take

My Take
“I have a friend, Lexi. She always plays with me.”
— Laila Bray, 7, left

“I kind of want to be like Keith Haring, the famous artist who was against drugs and smoking. I learned about him in art class. He used his power to tell people, you should stop doing that.”
— Evan Bray, 9, right

My Take
“My mother and my sisters. They just managed to cope with everything in good grace and take care of people.”
— Beverly Reeb, left

“My uncle Pete, when I was growing up he often took care of me, took me fishing, and taught me how to whistle.”
— Don Reeb, left

My Take
From left to right

“My role model is Carrie Hanks. She started field hockey in the seventh grade and so did I.”
— Lauren Moran

“My dad’s my role model, Mike Vorgang, because he started the lacrosse program in Niskayuna when he was 23, right out of college.”
— Reegan Vorgang

“My mom’s my role model. She came from Chile. Well, both my parents, really. My dad was in the Peace Corps when they met. She came over here, learned a new language, and started a family in a new country.”
— Aimee Bostwick

“My parents, beause they came from a different country. They both learned a new language and thrive in their careers.”
— Elizabeth Pinchuk

“My sister. She’s my role model because she always works really hard toward her field hockey career and her academics.”
— Claire Skumurski

“Kerri Strug [retired American gymnast], because she got hurt during a competition and she still pushed through it.”
— Katie Hesler

Photos by Rebecca Isenhart

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