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NISKAYUNA — Burglaries have finally declined in Niskayuna after several months of worrisome break-ins, some of which involved risky interactions between homeowners and trespassers. Numerous break-ins took place at night while families were home, and several residents had their cars stolen.

Deputy Chief Michael Stevens of the Niskayuna Police Department said the frequency and boldness of the crimes necessitated extra attention to burglary prevention over the past several months.

“That becomes an ultimate priority,” he said.

The department issued a safety warning to residents in July reminding people not to be complacent about locking their homes and vehicles. The rash of thefts continued into the fall, when the department reported about a dozen break-ins between September and November.

Arrests by both Schenectady and Niskayuna police made progress against the problem just before the holidays.

Schenectady residents Dunna F. Wilson and Dabrean L. Carter III, both 17, were charged separately in connection with multiple Niskayuna break-ins that occurred in mid-November.

Later, Mark Snare, a career criminal, was arrested after a physical altercation with Niskayuna homeowner Jason Adams on Jan. 6 during an interrupted burglary. Snare was indicted on multiple felony charges in late February.

Since Snare’s arrest in early January, only two burglaries have been reported to the Niskayuna Police Department, one of which was interrupted by officers as it happened.

Stevens said the department has not yet connected Snare to any other burglaries, and attributed the decrease to the multiple arrests made by Niskayuna and Schenectady police over a number of months.

“I think it’s the totality of it,” Stevens said. “Crimes like this, you take one off and there’s four more behind them.”

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