Love stories central to singer’s music video

A couple in Fallacaro's video tells the world that they just got together.Photo providedA couple in Fallacaro's video tells the world that they just got together.<br /><em>Photo provided</em>
Anthony Fallacaro, pictured in a promotional photo for his new album.Photo provided

Anthony Fallacaro, pictured in a promotional photo for his new album.
Photo provided

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NISKAYUNA — Just in time for Valentine’s Day, a local musician has a reminder for us all that love has many different faces.

The video for Anthony Fallacaro’s latest single, “I Know You Know,” released Jan. 9, features a diverse array of couples representing all different stages of romance.

From a young couple at a concert on one of their first dates, to parents with a 2-week-old child, to his own grandparents, who were married for 24,971 days at the time they were filmed, Fallacaro’s video montage is a sweet, lighthearted tribute to affection.

“We wanted to make sure we got lots of different people’s love stories,” said Fallacaro, who graduated from Niskayuna High School in 2006. He now works as a special educator at Glencliff Elementary School and travels frequently to New York City to work on music with his producer, who also happens to be his brother, Dominic, who is two years his senior.

Fallacaro said his brother has always been an influential part of his music. Both played multiple instruments while growing up. In high school, they had a band called DNA, inspired by their first names.

“Dom and I always played. We’ve always been a musical family,” Fallacaro said. “When I went to college, Dom actually got me a guitar.”

The musical partnership continues to bear fruit. Fallacaro and his brother came up with the idea for the video while working in the studio about a year ago. At first, they imagined they would film married couples holding signs that spelled out facts about their relationships.

“Then we realized we were putting a definition on what love was,” Fallacaro said. So instead, the pair hired a video camera team, made a sign, and went to crowded places in the Capital Region and New York City hoping to attract people who wanted to talk about love.

A behind-the-scenes look at the filming of the final clip, which features Fallacaro's grandparents.Photo provided

A behind-the-scenes look at the filming of the final clip, which features Fallacaro’s grandparents.
Photo provided

It wasn’t easy, and took much longer than the team anticipated. But in the end, they attracted more than 100 couples to be a part of the shoot.

“Everywhere we went we got rejected, but every time we got rolling it was nonstop,” Fallacaro said.

“We ended up getting people from all over the world that day,” he said, recalling their shoot in New York City.

“We actually shot here at one point,” he said, gesturing out the window of the Happy Cappuccino on Jay Street in Schenectady.

His favorite shot, however, is the last one in the video: an older couple from Glens Falls whose sign proclaims the exact number of days since their wedding. They’re Fallacaro’s grandparents. His parents make an appearance midway through the video, too.

‘We went all-out’

“I Know You Know” is the first single off Fallacaro’s second album. He recorded his first album, “Hello My Name is Anthony,” while attending Plymouth State University and released it in October 2012.

“The big difference is the first album is six songs I wrote in my dorm room, hanging out,” Fallacaro said. “This one, I spent several years saving up the money to do everything the right way.

“We went all-out on this one,” he added.

Cover art for Fallacaro's new single, I Know You Know.Photo provided

Cover art for Fallacaro’s new single, I Know You Know.
Photo provided

Instead of a traditional album release, Fallacaro has chosen to share each of this album’s six songs individually, with an involved music video for every track.

“It’s how people share music,” he said simply.

He seems to be right. In the first week after “I Know You Know” was released, over 80 percent of people who saw the video on YouTube watched it all the way through to its conclusion, an above-average proportion for the Internet’s notoriously short attention spans. Currently, the video boasts more than 30,000 views from all over the world.

In addition to YouTube, which seems to be the main driver of Fallacaro’s recognition, “I Know You Know” is also available on Spotify and iTunes, and is in the process of being vetted by the staff at Pandora. Fallacaro hopes subscription services and Internet radio will help win him recognition.

“Hopefully it moves into full time,” he said of his music career. “I wouldn’t mind traveling around and playing guitar and singing for everyone.”

Fallacaro said the video for his second song is a bit less involved than the first but equally as exciting for him. He plans to preview the song for a local audience at a show that falls, appropriately, on Valentine’s Day. He will be one of two special guests performing alongside MaryLeigh Roohan, an indie-pop singer, at Vapor Nightclub in Saratoga Springs.

It will be a significant moment in more ways than one for the artist. Just like one couple the video team met in Times Square in New York City, who had been married one year that day, Fallacaro will be celebrating a milestone of his own.

“Valentine’s Day is the anniversary of when I went down [to New York] to record,” he said.

Watch Fallacaro’s video here.

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