Measles revives vaccine debate in area

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Measles revives vaccine debate in area

Gazette Reporter

CAPITAL REGION — What do elementary schools in Glenville, Bethlehem, Saratoga Springs and Schuylerville have in common?

They have the highest rate of unvaccinated students in the Capital Region, according to data released by the state Department of Health.

The public schools are still mostly vaccinated — Glendaal Elementary School in Glenville tops the public school unvaccinated list at 3 percent of the student body, or about 9 children. Schuylerville has the most unvaccinated by number, 14 children, with 1.9 percent of the student body unvaccinated.

But some private schools have far higher unvaccinated rates — so high that some pediatricians are alarmed.

Outside of Amish schools, a private pre-K to eighth-grade school in Niskayuna has the highest percentage of unvaccinated children. At River Run Montessori School on Union Street, 37 percent of the children are not vaccinated against measles, polio and other serious illnesses.

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