Overtime cutback evident in Niskayuna top salaries list

Gazette Reporter

NISKAYUNA — The two highest-paid employees in 2014 at Niskayuna Town Hall went neck-and-neck for the top spot, with Comptroller Paul Sebesta coming out ahead of Superintendent of Water and Sewer Richard Pollock by just over $2,000, according to town records.

Sebesta and Pollock earned the same base pay, $120,214, but Sebesta, who began working for the town in 1988, got a $2,302 buyback for giving up a week of vacation.

“In hindsight, I wish I didn’t do that,” he said. “I ran out of vacation.”

In 2015, he doesn’t plan on participating in the buyback program.

Department heads leading the list of high earners on the town payroll is a change from 2013, when multiple police retirements caused staffing shortages and forced additional overtime. That year, Michael Stevens, who has since been promoted to lieutenant, earned $123,294, including $85,330 in base pay and $27,558 in overtime.

The other eight top earners in 2014 were all members of the Police Department, however, with many bolstered by overtime.

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