MY TAKE: When will you start your Christmas shopping?


We asked Niskayuna residents when they will start their Christmas shopping this year. This is what they said.

Photos by Elena Grande/For the Daily Gazette

mytake11“At the last minute, isn’t that horrible?”
— Haiba King-Samuel

mytake1“Usually the beginning of November, and I get really serious after Thanksgiving.”
— Kimmy Burgoyne

mytake7“I usually don’t partake in Christmas shopping. I feel like it’s more about the family and spending time with them.”
— Katrina Carstaphen

mytake4“In June, after my kid’s birthdays. I’m usually done by late November.”
— Colleen Lucier

mytake14“I won’t do any Christmas shopping this year because my wife is in the nursing home.”
— Gene Gierka