Police look for suspects as burglaries continue

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NISKAYUNA — Burglars in Niskayuna have been pushing open unlocked windows, entering homes at night and taking electronics, jewelry and even cars.

“Going back as far as Sept. 1, we’ve had about a dozen burglaries,” said Lt. Michael Stevens of the Niskayuna Police Department. “Six of those have probably taken place in the last two weeks.”

Most of the recent burglaries took place at night. So far, no interaction has taken place between homeowners and burglars.

Stevens said burglars have taken off in stolen cars three or four times, but all were recovered within a day or two.

Stevens said the department has identified a suspect connected with at least two of the October burglaries. However, he’s currently in jail for other, unrelated charges, and burglaries have continued.

“We’re confident he’s involved in a couple of them, but he’s not alone,” Stevens said. “So we’re trying to get anybody that has any information to give us a call.

“If people are up getting a drink of water at night and you see somebody out around a house, call us.”

In the meantime, Stevens encouraged residents to secure their homes diligently.

“We’re trying to get the message out that people, as always, need to be vigilant, locking their entire house, windows, doors, cars,” Stevens said.

Residents with information on any of the burglaries are asked to call police at 374-3159.

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