Scores: Schenectady Curling Club

NISKAYUNA — Final results of the Carosella Women’s Bonspiel at Schenectady Curling Club on Oct. 24 and 25:

DeRyk (Town of Mt. Royal, Jacques Cartier and Schdy) defeated Fitzgerald (Schdy/Broomstones) 9-1 in the Carosella event A; Gorman (Trois Riveres) defeated Colacchio (Cape Cod) 11-7 in the Me Laugh event B; Navratil (Schdy) defeated Hall (Schdy) 8-7 in the Chu event C; Horn (Mayfield/Albany/St. Paul) defeated Springstead (Albany/Schdy) 8-0 in the Mac Isaac event D.

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Rebecca Isenhart
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