MY TAKE: What will you be for Halloween?


We asked Niskayuna residents to share their costume plans for Halloween. This is what they said.
Photos by Rebecca Isenhart

“I haven’t looked at the costumes yet,” said Yuto Kuraseko, 7. “Last year I had an astronaut.”


“I’m going to be a vampire because I like them,” said seven-year-old Allison Schulmerich, left.
“I’m planning on a bat,” said her 4-year-old brother, Nathan, center.
“I’m going to be Batman,” said two-year-old brother David. (He wants to be just like Nathan, but his mom said he’s really going to dress as a fish.)


“I’m planning to go as a pink fluffy devil,” said Natalia Malcevic, 10, right. Her dad, Ivan, hasn’t decided yet whether he’ll dress up.

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