Real estate transactions: Sept. 12-18, 2014 edition


Nicole Seidel bought 31 Saint Steven’s Lane from Cartus Financial Co. for $195,000 on 06/17/14

Stephen Hodder and Amanda Hodder bought 425 Mohawk Ave. from Alice Tatro for $115,000 on 06/17/14

Salvatore Zarrelli and Amy Zarrelli bought 115 First St. from Richard Caldwell and Marlene Caldwell for $134,000 on 06/17/14

Matthew Antonio and Elizabeth Antonio bought 34 Heritage Parkway from Rachael Colucciello for $230,000 on 06/17/14

Michael Bricault and Helene Bricault bought 141 Bruce St. from Jeffrey Caswell and Janice Barton for $140,000 on 06/17/14

Kurt Fackrell and Bronwyn Fackrell bought 84 Baldwin Road from Carl Haushalter and Krista Haushalter for $263,000 on 06/17/14

Andrew DeSieno and Theresa DeSieno bought 18 Greenway Drive from Arthur DeSieno and Lori DeSieno for $130,000 on 06/18/14

Constance Large bought 702 Riverside Ave. from Donnie Williams and Tina Williams for $184,000 on 06/18/14

Stephen Gerke bought 377 Closson Road from Patrick DiCaprio and Arleen DiCaprio for $282,000 on 06/19/14

Theresa Nowicki bought 221 Lark St. from Patrice Yager for $153,000 on 06/24/14

David Dickinson and Jimma Dimmer bought 24 Lorelei Lane from Dennis Coletta and Christine Coletta for $219,500 on 06/24/14

Michael Wayand bought 1502 Cambridge Manor Drive from Donald Wayand and Lynn Wayand for $110,000 on 06/24/14

Donald Wayand and Lynn Wayand bought 1101 Spearhead Drive from Ethel Hallenbeck for $165,000 on 06/24/14

Cesar Gonzalez and Chelsea Pennington bought 3 Arden Road from Ian Smith for $180,000 on 06/24/14

Scott Golden and Cheryl Gross bought 601 Sacandaga Road from Edwin Taylor for $103,500 on 06/25/14

Bryant Bickford and Sarah Leffler bought 101 Mohawk Ave. from John Wagner and Stephanie Wagner for $150,000 on 06/25/14

Steven Kwiatowski bought 16 Fredericks Road from Steven Hagy and Elyse Hagy for $170,000 on 06/27/14


Deepak Pandey and Rashmi Pathak bought 21 Gala Place from BH-Lishakill Road Inc. for $380,000 on 06/17/14

Michael Daley bought 2104 Dean St. from Paul Pratico and Elizabeth Pratico for $140,000 on 06/19/14

Jonathan Adams and Christine Ripple bought 1077 VanAntwerp Road from Erin O’Neill and Christopher Regan for $170,000 on 06/19/14

David Barnett and Laura Reznick bought 2468 Hilltop Road from Joan Ipsen for $259,000 on 06/19/14

Nicholas Fusella bought 1149 Highland Park Road from Frank Antos for $220,000 on 06/19/14

Edward Silva bought 2158 River Road from Scott Mastro, Executor for $192,000 on 06/19/14

Jae Kyu Cho bought 74 Dublin Drive from Adrienne Korkosz for $350,000 on 06/20/14

Joan Hasko bought 416 Lois Lane from Condo Partners LLC for $260,000 on 06/23/14

Hsiung Wei Yeong and Tse Chia Pang bought 1942 Townsend Road from John Cesare and Loretta Cesare for $189,000 on 06/23/14

Ivy Cooper bought 1183 Fernwood Drive from Caroline Lucas for $228,000 on 06/23/14

Casey Cregg and Elizabeth Cregg bought 1409 Via Del Mar Ave. from Allison LaVallee for $207,500 on 06/25/14

Charles Becker and Linda Becker bought 1010 Lamplighter Road from Adrian Becker, Trustee for $242,500 on 06/25/14

Bryan Cherry and Kimberly Kilby bought 2430 River Road from Ella Hanley for $295,000 on 06/25/14

William McCale bought 1345 Rowe Road from Jin Choi and Latasha Naidu for $267,500 on 06/26/14

Joseph Libbon and Dorothy Libbon bought 1500 Valencia Road from John Roderick and Miriam Roderick for $210,000 on 06/26/14

Kristoffer Huettner and Victoria Varga-Huettner bought 4041 Windsor Drive from Shawn Yu Lin and Su Fun Chen for $600,000 on 06/27/14

Elizabeth Martinez bought 815 Trottingham Drive from John Hartigan and James Iavarone for $235,000 on 06/27/14

Jason Lefton and Heather Lefton bought 983 Gloucester Place from Harriet Rothstein-Minahan for $279,000 on 06/27/14

Artur Matia and Bethany Mancuso bought a parcel on County Route 10 from Kevin Nauman for $50,000 on 06/27/14


Frank Salluzzo and David Salluzzo bought 1281 Main St. from Michael Miller and Melanie Miller for $181,000 on 06/16/14

Hans Krofft and Kristin Krofft bought 162 Sherman St. from Luke Malish and Rebecca Malish for $149,000 on 06/17/14

Bruce Muncaster and Carolyn Riberdy bought 2574 Edgewood Ave. from Traditional Builders LTD for $175,000 on 06/17/14

James Davidson and Dierdre Davidson bought 61 Crestwood Drive from Michael Murtagh and Marilyn Warnick for $232,000 on 06/17/14

Ariel Macapinlac and Lan Ly bought 118 Polsin Drive from Lise Dermody for $139,000 on 06/17/14

Eric Mulyca and Michelle Mulyca bought 140 Rotterdam St. from Edward Mulyca and Gloria Mulyca for $146,000 on 06/17/14

Samantha Sponable bought 1356 Lawn Ave. from Paul Swint and Deborah Swint for $118,000 on 06/17/14

Thomas Cerul, Jennifer Cerul, and Kailey Snow bought 1140 and 1142 North Westcott Road from Christopher Maddalone and Drew Maddalone for $228,000 on 06/18/14

Marie Scoville bought 3006 Myrtle Ave. from Brookfield Global Relocation Services LLC for $143,000 on 06/18/14

Catherine Colpoys bought 106 Paddock Circle from Brookview Court, Inc. for $198,000 on 06/18/14

Johanna Cole bought 1017 Roberta Road from Frederick Cole and Susan Cole for $158,000 on 06/19/14

Cheryl Collins and Jennifer Collins bought 2331 Curry Road from Linda King for $375,000 on 06/20/14

Christine Cook bought 262 Princetown Road from Thomas Keough and Sandra Keough for $72,000 on 06/23/14

Anthony Anzalone bought 214 May Ave. from Barbara Walton for $85,000 on 06/23/14

Domenico Santabarbara and Jessica Santabarbara bought 229 Wemple Road from Guy Harding and Barbara Harding for $229,000 on 06/24/14

Matthew Owens bought 2515 Augustine Ave. from Patrick Kill and Ann Kill for $95,000 on 06/24/14

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