UPDATED: Felitte to be new Niskayuna Co-op manager

niskayuna co-opThe Niskayuna Co-Op located at 2227 Nott St. Photo by Marc Schultz.
niskayuna co-op

The Niskayuna Co-Op located at 2227 Nott St. Photo by Marc Schultz.

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NISKAYUNA — Jennifer Felitte, operations manager at Honest Weight Food Co-op in Albany, will take over as general manager at the Niskayuna Co-op beginning Oct. 1.

“I think it’s going to be a great new path,” said Felitte, who has also managed and consulted for farmers markets.

Felitte said she had reached her full potential at Honest Weight and was excited to discover there was an open position locally. “I wanted to stay within the cooperative community,” she said. “I’ve been looking around the country.”

Felitte said her vision for the Niskayuna Co-op right now is to avoid changing anything too much.

“I’d like to know every aspect of how that building operates,” she said. “The next few months are going to be [spent] working with the team and being a part of that family.”

Niskayuna Co-op Board President Corinne Derry said the board selected Felitte after a five-month search because of her 12 years of leadership in the local food world, as well as her commitment to community and her energy.

“She has a lot of proven operational and finance skills, and she also has a very keen knowledge of the local food markets and food trends,” Derry said.

Felitte succeeds longtime general manager Don Bisgrove, who retired in May after 38 years on the job.

Rit Gabree, a Co-op employee for 20 years, was Bisgrove’s assistant and has been serving as interim general manager during the selection process. He was also a candidate for the general manager position.

Derry said Gabree would help Felitte with her transition. She did not know what his next step would be, but said she hopes he remains at the Co-op after Oct. 1.

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