Property Transactions

Schenectady County


Fred Buthe bought 4006 Skyline Drive from Mark Gwiazdowski and Susan Gwiazdowski for $241,000 on 06/25/14


Yulong Wu bought 126 Mohawk Ave. from Joseph Chan for $90,000 on 06/10/14

Yulong Wu bought 120 Mohawk Ave. from Joseph Chan and Nancy Chan for $280,000 on 06/10/14

Michael Socoloski and Lieselotta Socoloski bought 617 Swaggertown Road from Jeffrey Page Jr. and Kathryn Page; and Jeffrey Page Sr. for $132,000 on 06/10/14

Krista Jados bought 4 Wilson Drive from William Dussault for $206,000 on 06/11/14

Guy Robinson and Jennifer Robinson bought 682 Barhydt Road from Bronwyn Fackrell and Kurt Fackrell for $164,000 on 06/11/14

Alice Tatro bought 1604 Cambridge Manor Drive from Frank Plemenik and Jeanne Plemenik for $106,000 on 06/13/14

Eric Yager and Susan Yager bought 27 High Mills Road from Karen Nagy, trustee, for $182,000 on 06/13/14


Beatrice Diehl bought 2101 Alexis Ave. from Cartus Financial Co. for $235,000 on 06/11/14

Peter Micieli and Khalan Micieli bought 2485 Angelina Drive from Vincent Bianchi for $320,000 on 06/12/14

Christopher Rust and Virginia Rust; and Lawrence Hoff and Judith Hoff bought 1417 Valencia Road from Cartus Financial Co. for $217,000 on 06/13/14


Joan Galeano bought 63 Annabelle Place from Vincent Versaci and Eileen Versaci for $180,000 on 06/09/14

John Eden and Jamie Eden bought 1225 Vinewood Ave. from Christina Caiazzo for $160,000 on 06/09/14

John Helion and Mary Helion bought 45 Merritt Drive from Marie Martini for $191,000 on 06/09/14

Daniel Brantley and Michelle DiCarlo-Brantley bought 31 Bayberry Road from Carol Oropallo for $167,000 on 06/10/14

Frank Castiglia and Lucy Castiglia bought 28 Riverside Drive from Frank Scalzo III and Lisa Scalzo for $149,000 on 06/10/14

Justin Kennison bought 1964 Leo Ave. from Jerry Guidarelli for $115,000 on 06/12/14

Stacey Barnhart bought 2814 Myrtle Ave. from Eric Martin and Laura Brighenti-Robochik for $148,000 on 06/13/14

Martha Rizzicone bought parcels on Lorraine Ave. and Roger St. from Lori-Anne Malone, trustee, for $125,000 on 06/13/14

Corey Tymchyn and Teresa Tymchyn bought 3222 Martin St. from Glenn Avery and Mary Avery for $143,000 on 06/13/14

Frank Dyer and Dustin Dyer bought 1011 Bryan Ave. from Janet Dyer for $92,000 on 06/13/14


Amy Cunniff bought 2634 Duanesburg Road from James McClaine, Paul McClaine, Gail Sanders, and Sally McClaine for $58,000 on 06/26/14


Devon Scuderi bought 1617 Santa Fe St. from Clifford Wittman for $76,000 on 06/09/14

Donald Jones Jr. bought 2418 Guilderland Ave. from Matthew Squadere for $65,000 on 06/09/14

Michele Miakisz bought 2 Eagle St. from John Miakisz and Dorothy Miakisz for $58,000 on 06/09/14

Dean Lansley bought 1503 Union St. from Jacqueline Davis, trustee, for $122,000 on 06/10/14

Bodhnarayan Bhagwandin and Barbara Bhagwandin bought 59 Snowden Ave. from Donald Jabbar for $73,000 on 06/10/14

Paul Romano bought 31 Tower Ave. from Justin Miller and Lori Miller for $117,000 on 06/11/14

Michael Snow and Nicole Snow bought 22 North College St. from Stockade Associates LLC for $200,000 on 06/12/14

Stephen Forbes bought 1207 Hendrickson Ave. from Ahmed Lodin for $150,000 on 06/12/14

Tori Hoffman bought 110 Clement Ave. from Donald Jones for $58,000 on 06/13/14

Shaneze Islam bought 1397 Kingston Ave. from the Secretary of Veterans Affairs for $57,000 on 06/13/14

Barbara Reed bought 1602 Rutgers St. from Edward Carroll for $70,000 on 06/13/14

Bryan Almada bought 1310 Fifth Ave. from Denise Hamedy for $79,000 on 06/13/14

Jerome Thrasher bought 186 Donald Ave. from Judy Minckler, Trustee for $81,000 on 06/17/14

Saratoga County


Robert Conkey and Claudia Conkey bought 1589 Crescent Road from Gloria Dougrey for $261,500 on 06/02/14

Vincent Marinucci and Cheryl Marinucci bought 5 Cherry Hill Court from Christopher Lacosse and Sara Traver-Lacosse for $269,000 on 06/03/14

Darrell Ni bought 5 Hillstone Court from Joseph Rotyliano and Anita Rotyliano for $308,000 on 06/04/14

Jason Hubbard and Andrea Hubbard bought 4 Lakewood Meadows Court from Alan Holmes and Kathleen Holmes for $250,000 on 06/04/14

Christopher LaCosse and Michele Sovie bought 22 Pepper Hollow Drive from Michael Norelli and Maria Norelli for $262,000 on 06/04/14

Mehmet Gungor and Deniz Gungor bought 2 Avon Court from Michael Copeland for $320,000 on 06/04/14

Matthew Svedin and Sarah Svedin bought 12 Majorca Lane from Jerry Lavish and Virginia Lavish for $235,000 on 06/04/14

Bernard Traver and Janet Traver; and Holly Traver bought 62 Tipperary Way from Masullo Brothers Builders Inc. for $886,630 on 06/04/14

Donald Dooling and Kathleen Dooling bought 24 Carriage Road, Unit A, from Anne Story for $145,000 on 06/04/14

Michael Silver and Kelly Silver bought 60 Walnut Drive from Christopher Bonnell and Lovellene Bonnell for $236,000 on 06/09/14

Christine Leush bought 40 Gretel Terrace from Stone Financing LLC for $235,000 on 06/09/14

Bryan Meade and Renee Meade bought 35 Saint Andrews Drive from Stephen Jette for $254,500 on 06/10/14

Viacheslav Volinsky and Eliza Volinsky bought 4 East Haystack Road from Vincent Marinucci III and Cheryl Marinucci for $182,500 on 06/11/14

Kripa Chauhan and Mukta Sharma bought 8 Belvedere Place from Cartus Financial Co. for $324,900 on 06/11/14

Sheldon Taft and Nicole Taft bought 307 Moe Road from Matthew Boespflug and Jessica Boespflug for $244,000 on 06/11/14

Angelo Mazzone bought 27 Vischer Ferry Road from Timothy Baechle and Kelly Baechle for $870,000 on 06/11/14

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