MY TAKE: What are you excited about for the coming school year?


We asked teachers and staff at Rosendale Elementary School to share what they are most excited about for the upcoming school year. This is what they said.
Photos by Rebecca Isenhart


“I’m most excited about having the kids back here,” said Rosendale Elementary School’s incoming principal Jean Winkler. “It’s been a lonely, long summer. As a new principal the most important part is making connections with the kids.”



“The kids are always so excited to come back,” said physical education teacher Jo Ann Sabourin. She’ll start the year off with fun games, including a get-to-know-you game for older kids and turtle tag for the younger ones. What’s turtle tag? It’s like freeze tag, but with a silly, icebreaking twist.

“Then they get tagged, they roll around on their backs like turtles, then get back in the game when someone rolls them over,” explained Sabourin, who will celebrate her 25th year with the district this year.



“I’m excited about meeting my students and watching them grow,” said Susan Perdomo, who teaches English as a Second Language at Rosendale. “English learners completely change over the course of one school year.”