Real Estate Transactions: Aug 1, 2014 edition

Schenectady County


Kenneth Kutil, Adrienne Kutil, and Ava Kutil bought 5 Ellen Lane from Frederick, Olivia and Cassandra Partyka for $151,000 on 05/19/14

David Smith bought 190 Saratoga Road from Sotirios and Deborah Bratsos for $120,000 on 05/19/14

Robert Philip and Kimberly Philip bought 51 Woodcrest Drive from John Finch, executor, for $212,000 on 05/19/14

Richard Felts bought 1609 Cambridge Manor Drive from Martin Moran, executor, for $109,000 on 05/22/14

Rebecca Keefe bought 82 Hetcheltown Road from Jon Costello for $130,000 on 05/22/14

Stephanie Puliafico bought 7 Saratoga Drive from Shawn Drago for $157,500 on 05/22/14


Christopher McCloskey and Robert McCloskey bought 2272 Sweetbriar Road from Janice Cove, trustee, for $235,000 on 05/19/14

Amy Summers bought 1357 Rosehill Blvd. from Earl Foreman and Sherry Foreman for $339,000 on 05/19/14

Teresa McLaughlin bought 10 Knolls Road, Unit A, from Rutisurhata Hartana for $180,500 on 05/19/14

Charles Vennard and Barbara Vennard bought 248 North Alandale Ave. from Barbera Homes Inc. for $350,000 on 05/19/14

Peter Lion and Kristin Lion bought 2006 Grand Blvd. from Edward Valente for $125,000 on 05/21/14

Jennifer Rodgers bought 2111 McClellan St. from Douglas Liermann and Lisa Liermann, executors, for $193,500 on 05/21/14


Jack Johnson Jr. and Lisa Johnson bought 1039 Gates Drive from Raymond Slingerland for $228,000 on 05/19/14

Stephanie Parker bought 5 Market St. from Matthew Jewett and Ashley Jewett for $130,000 on 05/19/14

Nicholas Major and Gregory Major bought 1868 Stuart St. from Keith Spiewak and Gretchen Spiewak for $120,000 on 05/20/14

Titan Valley Developers Inc. bought 2780 Hamburg St. from Michelle Wildgrube, guardian, for $170,000 on 05/21/14

Matthew Greppo and Jennifer D’Alessandro bought 332 Pangburn Road from Robert Burgess and Priscilla Burgess for $202,000 on 05/21/14

Larry Buono bought 2014 Ferguson St. from Judith Lawyer for $80,000 on 05/23/14

Aaron Kinzie and Jessica Durham bought 42 Crestwood Drive from Martha Turek for $237,000 on 05/23/14

Brian Miranda and Allison Miranda bought 107 Steeple Way from Traditional Builders LTD for $319,000 on 05/23/14


Richard Salisbury Jr. bought parcel on Gifford Road from Vivian Levin for $85,500 on 05/19/14

Duane Bechand bought 2031 Gray St. from Ryan Lund for $121,000 on 05/19/14

Robert Jonas bought 2106 William St. from Charles Montagino Jr. for $93,500 on 05/19/14

Peter Barber bought 12 White St. from Leslie DeLissio-Wong for $85,000 on 05/21/14

Erik Vilaghy and Karen Cole bought 1501, 1503, and 1505 Chrisler Ave. from Joseph Guerra for $130,000 on 05/22/14

Robert Roslund bought 1021 Palmer Ave. from Beneficial Homeowner Service Co. for $68,000 on 05/23/14

Nicolas Ltaif bought 1552 and 1554 VanVranken Ave. from Jeffrey Attanasio, trustee, and Rose Healey for $86,500 on 05/23/14

Cori Smith bought 1532 VanCortland St. from Timothy Raines for $90,000 on 05/23/14

Matthew Canniff and Brittany Penman bought 320 Gifford Road from Matthew Walden and Leeanne Walden for $143,500 on 05/23/14

Saratoga County


Joseph Tegnander and Lyndsy Celestino bought 7 Elm Place from James Maloney and Tammara Maloney for $252,000 on 05/15/14

Christopher Hughes and Mariesa Hughes bought 562 Englemore Road from Mark Beyer and Christine Beyer for $560,000 on 05/15/14

Patrick Vescio and Kathryn Vescio bought 6 Baltusrol Drive from David Ennist and Kristin Ennist for $295,000 on 05/19/14

Lee Reynolds and Cynthia Reynolds bought 2 Christinamarie Drive from Richard Travis and Katherine Travis for $371,000 on 05/19/14

Lawrence Gray and Carolyn Gray bought 18 Mayfield Drive from Richard Huckemeyer and Susan Huckemeyer for $300,000 on 05/19/14

Richard Croce and Kristine Croce bought 6 Birch Hill Road from Michael Kelly and L. Allyson Kelly for $420,000 on 05/19/14

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