Wave of burglaries reported across town

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NISKAYUNA — Over the past couple of months, burglars have entered several Niskayuna homes and stolen jewelry and electronics.

Lt. Michael Stevens of the Niskayuna Police Department said the break-ins have taken place at various times of the day, including some at night, while families were home and sleeping.

Stevens said there has been a long string of recent reported break-ins. Between seven and 10 of them are actually confirmed as burglaries, the rest are merely damage to entry points such as windows, probably the result of unsuccessful attempted burglaries.

Some of the break-ins involved forced entry, but others happened when doors were left unlocked. Stevens stressed that no matter how safe a neighborhood is, random crimes can still occur.

“A lot of times we hear people say, ‘Oh, it’s Niskayuna, I don’t even lock my doors,’ ” he said. “Those days are done.

“I’ve been here 12 years and I think I’ve heard that every single day,” he said.

Although the department has not confirmed whether the crimes are related, it seems likely.

“Usually when you get a rash of them, they’re somehow connected,” Stevens said. “It’s a little too tough to say right now.”

The recent crimes have not typically targeted cars, but Stevens said he hopes people will be more aware and lock their vehicles, too.

“Basically we just want to get out to people that we’re having a problem in the area,” he said. “We’re working with other agencies to see if they’re having similar issues.”

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