Guest Post: My Top 5 Favorite Places In Niskayuna

Guest Blogger

Niskayuna is great, it really is. You just need to stop and look around for a second. Of all this town has to offer these are my top five favorite places, and no they aren’t in any particular order.

1. Niskayuna High School

Yes, the high school. I mean c’mon it’s really not all bad. If anything this may very  well be the crown jewel of the town. This is where young minds take form, and is something the town is annually proud of. After going away to college I realized just how fortunate I was to go to Niskayuna High School. It has been well reported that the high school is always nationally ranked, and it really does help prepare students for college. It’s not perfect, but it is something I have really come to appreciate over time. Besides the educational aspect of the school, it is also home to the Relay For Life of Niskayuna. An event I always look forward to each year. It also has numerous athletic fields, a pool, and a weight room that are open to public use.

2. Blatnick Park

This is the site of many Niskayunians glory days. As you move up the ranks of  Niskayuna baseball you finally get to the hallowed ground of Blatnick Park, mainly the Majors field. This is where the boys become men. Spring evenings, the park is full of life, and it’s a great place to catch a game, or come for some sandlot ball. The entire park has gotten a face lift in recent years and it looks great. Besides baseball it also leads you to the bike path that runs  along the Mohawk River.

Sunrise at Blatnick Park

Sunrise at Blatnick Park

It has newly finished basketball courts, tennis courts with lights, and even disk golf. Oh, and if you ever need a place to watch the sunrise, the top of the hill behind the Babe Ruth field is always a winner.

3. The Bike Path

Speaking of the bike path, this has to be on everyone’s list. The path runs well past the Niskayuna borders, but nevertheless it is one of the more scenic parts of the town. Whether you are training or just trying to enjoy the weather, the bike path offers it all.

Brandon Fine enjoys a ride on the bike path.

Brandon Fine enjoys a ride on the bike path.

It is perfect for those summer time rides, and it’s a great place to get some air after a long day of work or  school.

4. Lions Park

If you’re an avid user of the bike path then you probably have either started or biked through Lions Park. It’s the site of a former train station, and although it doesn’t have basketball, tennis, or any of those type of athletic amenities it does have great views of the sunset.

Lions Park

Lions Park

It’s a great place to go fishing, and to get away from the crazy work and school life. The train station is also used to display local art work (

5. Union Street

Union Street is the home to many of the best eateries that the Town of Niskayuna has to offer. From Scotti’s to I Love NY, this is the place to be if you ever need to find a good bite to eat. Many times in high school, myself and friends alike would come here during our free periods to eat and hangout, and many of us still do. It’s home to Ed’s Barber Shop, Al’s Card Shop, breakfast burritos from Hot Harry’s, Dunkin Donuts, and yes, a 24 hour McDonalds. You really can’t go wrong here.

(Photos Courtesy of Michael Corcoran Photography