Real estate transactions: July 25, 2014

Schenectady County


Garry VanAlstyne and Debra VanAlstyne bought 147 Sacandaga Road from R. Francis Gullott for $114,000 on 05/12/14

Matthew O’Brien and Kimberly O’Brien bought 107 South Reynolds St. from Michael Sherman and Janet Sherman for $129,000 on 05/12/14

Brandon Ronca and Amber Priolo bought 5 Herrick Drive from Joan Gillespie-Pearson for $165,000 on 05/13/14

Dahn Duong and Khoa Nguyen bought 26 Red Oak Drive from Timothy Putnam and Michele Putnam for $200,000 on 05/15/14

James Welsh Jr. and Jennifer Welsh bought 8 Schlensker Drive from Kenneth Millington and Mary Millington for $209,500 on 05/16/14



Joseph Donzelli bought 2512 Grandview Ave. from Jonathan Wells and Christine Smith for $140,000 on 05/12/14

Frank Barbera and Maria Barbera bought a parcel on Catherine Woods Drive from Barbera Homes Inc. for $75,000 on 05/13/14

J. David Burke and Kathleen Burke bought 35 Oakmont St. from M. Murray Weissman for $280,000 on 05/14/14

Mark Bethel bought 848 Whitney Drive from US Bank NA, trustee, for $126,000 on 05/16/14

Christine Vooris bought 894 Northumberland Drive from Carol Alberts, Beth Lemoine, John Alberts, and Mark Alberts for $280,500 on 05/16/14

Daniel Coughlin and Kaitlin Coughlin 1954 Village Road from John Keller for $165,000 on 05/16/14
Kelsey Raymond and Stephanie Miller bought 2255 Dean St. from Ryan Hungershafer for $335,000 on 05/16/14



Anthony Menetti and Jenna Menetti bought 1741 Greenpoint Ave. from Jean Hodgins, executrix, for $165,000 on 05/12/14

Carrie Morgan bought 1024 St. Lucille Drive from William Mau for $217,000 on 05/13/14

Janelle Olsen bought 2652 Second Ave. from W. Richard Olsen and Pat Olsen for $180,000 on 05/14/14

Michael Galea and Angela Galea bought 947 Burdeck St. from Susan Kass-Pomakoy for $78,000 on 05/14/14

Paul Page and Suzanne Page bought 114 Ulrich Drive from James Scrafford and Donna Smith for $187,500 on 05/16/14

Barbara Cannon and Judith Cannon bought 1976 Curry Road, Unit 140, from Jacqueline Cote for $121,000 on 05/16/14

Elizabeth Gifford bought 1149 Deforest St. from Pamela Gatto for $140,000 on 05/16/14

Ryan Petersen bought 3209 Taylor St. from Linda Button, executrix, for $72,500 on 05/16/14

Michael Robinson and Jacqueline Robinson bought 1049 Riggi Ave. from Daniel O’Connor, Trustee, Richard O’Connor, and Dorothy O’Connor, for $162,000 on 05/16/14



Michael Fusco bought 1779 Athol Road from Joseph Ferro for $50,000 on 05/12/14

Satish Surijpaul and Taramattie Persaud-Surijpaul bought 529 Harrison Ave. from Andrew Smith for $98,000 on 05/14/14

Sabrina Lopez bought 231 Edward St. from David Swartz for $65,500 on 05/14/14

Alvaro Lupercio bought 2049 VanVranken Ave. from Susumu Omiya for $135,000 on 05/15/14

Fay Carpenter bought 80 Wilson Ave. from Joseph Grady Jr. for $100,000 on 05/16/14

Francis Martin and Courtney Sanik bought 109 Dewitt Ave. from Susan Rock for $125,000 on 05/16/14

Mark Bethel bought 3427 Maryvale Drive from Secretary of the US Department of Housing and Urban Development for $57,000 on 05/16/14

Maranda Mango bought 12 Manchester Road from Topaz Nobles for $99,000 on 05/16/14


Saratoga County


Jennifer Walters bought 18 Rolling Brook Court from Bruce Cramer and Laurie Cramer for $310,000 on 04/24/14

Wing Yan Leung and Shui Chun Leung bought 16 Hidden Crest Court from Dennis Baldwin and Kristin Baldwin for $449,000 on 04/28/14

Dustin Worth bought 933 Riverview Road from Barbara Nebb for $188,200 on 04/29/14

Jerome Vinoya and Michell Vinoya bought 2 Chatsworth Way from Beirong Fu and Weiwei Chen for $350,000 on 4/29/14

Paul Steciuk bought 50 Riverview Road from Scott Ronda for $640,000 on 04/29/14

Andrew Ker Ching Khoh and Caihong Gao bought 10 Frankie Lane from Boni Builders Inc. for $327,500 on 04/29/14

Erin O’Donell bought 64 Tallowood Drive from Richard Ciulla and Bridget Galarneau for $161,500 on 04/30/14

Jackie Chen and Camilla Zhen bought 16 Tekakwitha Court from Shirley Kozel for $137,000 on 04/30/14

Brian Hall and Amy Hall bought 19 Chatsworth Way from Homestead Funding Co. for $276,000 on 05/05/14

Ella Giller bought 20 Mystic Lane from First Priority Mortgage Inc. for $117,012 on 05/05/14

Brian Gronski and Leann Wightman bought 136 Wood Dale Drive from M and T Bank for $245,197 on 05/05/14

Laurie Kuhne bought 17 Green Meadow Drive from Homestead Funding Co. for $142,400 on 05/06/14

Amy Morelli bought 23 Denim Drive from Ballston Spa National Bank for $218,500 on 05/07/14

Jeffrey VanBuren and Jessica Gendron bought 43 Blue Barns Road from Lynn Pollock-McPhillips for $215,000 on 05/08/14

John Donnelly III and Kristen Donnelly bought 18 Pinewood Drive from Jacqueline Cummings for $242,268 on 05/09/14

Vincent Murcurio and Morgan Ropitzky bought 890 Main St. from Victor Knorowski and Shirley Pilch for $187,140 on 05/09/14

Spencer Wohlers bought 5 Cheviot Court from Matthew Coats and Nicole Coats for $522,500 on 05/09/14

Michael Ratner, Steven Ratner, Ethel Ratner, and Janet Heins bought 8 Wall St., Unit 427, from Clifton Park Senior Living LLC for $218,000 on 05/09/14

Megan Yhlen bought 795 Grooms Road from Eric Brucker for $145,000 on 05/12/14

Sean Ranagan and Melody Ranagan bought 18 Hazaltine Lane from William Ranagan for $257,100 on 05/14/14
Paul Lindgaard bought 10 Wayto Lane from Russell LaRose and Eileen LaRose for $235,000 on 05/14/14

Johannes VanMeer and Kelly Malone bought 1 Hidden Crest Court from Derrick Aley and Kristina Lahtinen-Aley for $435,000 on 05/14/14

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